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Hyperhydrosis (excessive sweat)

Hyperhydrosis (excessive sweat)

Hyperhydrosis (excessive sweat) - Chad - St. Louis, MO []
Does anyone know of any natural solutions for hyperhydrosis (excessive sweating) of palms and feet? I've tried "Drionic" electrical device which helps but produces severe headaches. Thank you.

Re:Hyperhydrosis (excessive sweat) - Timothy Long - []
People with low thyroids can have this problem. Check your internal body temp orally to see what it is. Should be around 98.6 If it is very low, that is probably your problem.

Re:Hyperhydrosis (excessive sweat) - Cheryl - Texas
My research on hyperhydrosis is showing an overactive thyroid in need of calcium, selenium and maybe iron. Interesting that low thyroid can cause it as well.

Re:Hyperhydrosis (excessive sweat) - Teri - Oregon []
My daughter perspired heavily and I looked into the Drionic device but found it too expensive and kind of scary. We found Maxim deoderant on the internet and it worked wonderfully and only costs 13.95! I think you can use it anywhere you experience excessive sweating.

Re:Hyperhydrosis (excessive sweat) - Mary - Texas []
Did Drionic work? If so, for how long?

Re:Hyperhydrosis (excessive sweat) - Jessica - Arkansas []
I have suffered from excessive sweating all my life. I finally found a deoderant called Certain Dry not to long ago that works great! It burn alittle expecially if you use it to many days in a row. I now rotate it in with my usual deoderant.

Re:Hyperhydrosis (excessive sweat) - Melody - North Carolina []
Where can you buy the certain dri? I have bought the maxim and it is $13.95 a bottle. My sister bought the certain and it was cheaper,but she cannot what site she found it on. Thanks

Re:Hyperhydrosis (excessive sweat) - Melody - North Carolina []
Where can you buy the certain dri? I have bought the maxim and it is $13.95 a bottle. My sister bought the certain and it was cheaper,but she cannot what site she found it on. Thanks

Re:Hyperhydrosis (excessive sweat) - Eric - Mn []
I used drysol for awhile. This combined with being a baker my hands became overly stiff and still have a certain pain. Wary of surgery or products now.

Re:Hyperhydrosis (excessive sweat) - Holly - CO []
I have had heavy perspiration in my armpits and I got a prescription for Drysol but that didn't work. Does the Drionic work or do you guys know of anything else?

Re:Hyperhydrosis (excessive sweat) - christy - NC []
After seeing Maxim mentioned on this site, I bought it and it works great. You put it on at night and it will not wash off the next morning. 100% satisfaction the very next day for me. Including shipping, I paid $20 which is well worth it. I would pay five times that. I'm a teacher, and there's nothing more embarrassing than sweating in front of a class. I was tired of wearing sweaters all the time.

Re:Hyperhydrosis (excessive sweat) - Andrea Boully - Australia []
Beware of Maxim I experienced heat rash while using it and 2 years later still occasionally get the rash even though I haven't used the product in that time.

Re:Hyperhydrosis (excessive sweat) - perignon - boston []
go to and you can buy certain dry just type in the search box.

Re:Hyperhydrosis (excessive sweat) - cecilia - El Paso, Texas []
Hi Can you tell me where can i find Drysol in el Paso cause I cant find it

Re:Hyperhydrosis (excessive sweat) - cally - singapore
i have had sweaty palms since i was young. i've tried drysol but it doesn't work and ireally need to stop my sweaty palms from ruining my life.

Re:Hyperhydrosis (excessive sweat) - Tina - New Hampshire []
I have HH and have tried Certain Dri, Maxim, Dysol, Botox and a Device from Drionics. Certain dri, maxim and drysol work so so under normal condition (no stress) but do burn and can cause a rash but I still sweat by the end of the day. The botox did nothing and cost a fortune. The Drionics is the only item that worked, it took many treatements to work but you just have to keep at it and eventually it will stop you from sweating and then you just have to maintain. Just my two cents. I have searched the web everywhere, talked to doctors and as far as I can tell, outside of surgery, which can have adverse side affects Drionics is a fairly cheap alternative that works with many applications. I personally saw results after using it for 1 week every day for 1/2 hour treatments (approx 4-5 hours). After that I only had to do 1/2 treatment approx once a week. Do remember that each individual is different so this might not be right for everyone but at around $140.00 it's work a try.

Re:Hyperhydrosis (excessive sweat) - -
What about aluminum and dimensia? You all should be concerned. Long term affects show affects of dimensia.

Re:Hyperhydrosis (excessive sweat) - John Dalton - Scotland []
I suffer from excessive sweating all over, I run and cycle lots and end up being able to wring pounds of fluid from my kit,anybody wants to test the "wicking" ability of their fabrics should give them to me to try out !! people I cycle with joke about the shower if they cycle behind me. Any thoughts