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Hypertention "High Blood Pressure"

Hypertention "High Blood Pressure"

Hypertention "High Blood Pressure" - Deanne - California
Could you please tell me is there any natural product that will help lower high blood pressure? Will progesterone help with that problem? I do not want to take the drugs the Doctor's give you, they make me sick. Thanks for any help. Deanne

Re:Hypertention "High Blood Pressure" - Deanne -
I meant will PREGNENOLONE help? Sorry

Re:Hypertention "High Blood Pressure" - Timothy Long - []
The approach I would take to lower blood pressure is very individual. There are numerous possible causes and solutions for this problem. Pregnenolone may help, though I doubt it will be the whole answer. I suggest taking a look at my In-depth Health Consultation and my EFT/Healing Session. These are described in my E-Store. They are the first two items. If you call me or email me with your phone number, I can tell you which would work best for you.