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IBD or IBS? - byron sato - la
A relative of mine in Japan insists that IBD has become a growing disease in Japan. Yet I beg to differ in that IBD is fairly uncommon in Asia, but rather it has to be IBS that my relative is thinking of. I'm thinking of going there to get a second opinion, but first and foremost I need to know that it's really IBD that's becoming prevalent in Japan. Does anobody have any information on this? Or more preferably, what is the technical term used in Japan? (for IBS and IBD). Please let me know. Or do any of you know anybody I can get a hold of in Japan (patient, doctor, etc)?

IBD or IBS? -Timothy Long -
am uncertain and can't answer your question about Japan. I do know that Irritable Bowel Syndrome is a growing problem here in the US. I believe GMO's are a big part of the problem, and there is too much wheat, sugar and soy in the American diet. The over-use of antibiotics is also a factor. We get very good results by rebuilding people's flora with probiotics and supporting the digestion with plant enzymes. See Delpro, Premier Digestase-SP, Thera-Zyme Pan, Thera-Zyme IrB, and Premier Colostrum-IgG to name just a few excellent products found on this website to clear up IBS. Of course a correct diet and preparation of food is very important, as is using healthy oils.


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