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IBS or Something Else

Is this IBS or something else?

Is this IBS or something else? - Megan -
I've had IBS for years. I had another episode today. I'm wondering about an area almost in the mid, upper abdomen, just a bit to the left. There's a tiny red dot there and if you go maybe half an inch, if that far, and press in on it, I could cry out in intense pain. It will also flare up and hurt on it's own. My stool is almost a golden yellow and sometimes has like a film in the water with it. Very bad odor also. I have flank pain on the left side. I have had unexplained hypoglycemia for years and began having panic attacks at the same time. I feel that my main problems are hormonal and I would like to see an endocronologist, but I have developed such panic, that it's hard for me to travel. I am also having hematuria. It was for years microscopic only, but lately it's been frank blood, visible to the eye. I've had a bladder ultrasound and it showed thickening of the bladder wall. I am supposed to see a urologist, but with the panic, I'm a mess and haven't been able to go yet. PLEASE give me some advice here. I know that I sound looney from this post, but please don't write me off, I'm desperate.....I'm a 33 year old female....

Re:Is this IBS or something else? - Timothy Long - []
You have more going on than IBS. You should go to your doctor and show him/her the red spot. Once you have a clear diagnoses of what is going on with your body, come back and I can help you with any natural methods that may help you.