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Inability to Lose Weight

Inability to lose weight

inability to lose weight - christine -
Hi, I just found this forum.I am so frustrated because I am unable to lose weight.I eat around1,000 to 1,200 calories daily and work out every day, but to no avail. This hasn't always been a problem, but I'm suspecting that the antidepressant effexor sr may be responsible.Is anyone familiar with this effect ? What can I do about it? I have already discontinued the drug several months ago).IT seems to have slowed down my metabolism!Help!

Re:inability to lose weight - Timothy Long - []
Dear Christine, As with the previous post, you most likely need to support your thyroid. I would also like to assess your liver, digestion and diet. The cause of your depression, weight problem and metabolism most very likely have the very same root. I help a lot of people with this. You are welcome to work with me. 90% of my practice is by phone and this does not pose any problems in guiding you back to health. Wishing you well, Timothy Long

Re:inability to lose weight - Marg - Canada
I've cut out most carbs and added mostly proteins and eliminated all sugars. I exercise 6 days a week alternating aerobic and weight training and drinking lots of water. Can't lose a pound. I have been doing this for 4 weeks and nothing!!. Any suggestions.

Re:inability to lose weight - Timothy Long -
Digestive enzymes, probiotics, liver cleansing, colon cleansing, and perhaps thyroid. You may need professional help to assess and address these in way that will be successful. You will find the health supplements you need on this website, as well as information in setting up a health consultation.

Re:inability to lose weight - Cathy - Australia
I have struggled with weight for 10 years, ever since having my first child. i eat well - no junk food except maybe once a month or so, and only ever drink water.i exercise a minimum of 40 minutes a day, but still cannot lose weight, if anything, i seem to be gaining it. i get very bad swelling in my hands and legs if the weather changes, and it swells to the point of being painful if the weather is hot. can anyone help me?


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