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Internal Cystitis

Internal Cystitis

Try these products to resolve internal cystitis naturally!

Resolve digestive problems that contribute to internal cystitis
Support kidneys, bladder and urinary tract
Prevent and treat kidney, bladder and urinary tract infections

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Internal Cystitis - Priscilla -
Does anyone out there know how to find relief from the intense pain of interstitial cystitis? Does it have something to do with allergies, environmental toxins, yeast or parasites? Any thoughts to resolve this nightmare would be greatly appreciated.

Re:Internal Cystitis - Timothy Long - []
I have found that many things can irritate and cause cystitis, urinary tract infections or interstitial cystitis. Though I have had many cases that involved a sugar/carbohydrate digestive problem at their root, which includes yeast or candida issues and gluten issues. By resolving this using Thera-Zymes and dietary changes, I have seen wonderful results. Thera-Zyme Pan is exceptional for breaking down sugars, carbs, gluten and grains. Premier Digestase-SP is another excellent digestive enzyme supplement to break down sugars, gluten and carbs. Thera-Zyme UrT and Thera-Zyme Kdy also help to clear up the irritation in the urinary tract. Thera-Zyme and Chirozyme are the same, just different labels for different practitioners. It is also very important and helpful to use a professional probiotic like Delpro.

Re:Internal Cystitis - Kathy -
Hello. You can find information on interstitial cystitis on There are over 200 links that you can go to in order to search for the info you are looking for. Just type in the keywords "interstitial cystitis". Good luck Let me know if the info was useful.

Re:Internal Cystitis - Charlotte - Massachusetts
Dr Long, Do you consult with people over the telephone? I have a friend who has very bad interstitial cystitis, and she is elderly and probably wouldn't be able to travel to see you. Thanks

Re:Internal Cystitis - PRISCILLA - California
Finally we figured out that interstitial cystitis is due to fluoride. We suggest avoiding fluoride and taking DMAE to release it from the system.

Re:Internal Cystitis - edith short - UK
Have IC with pungent smell which is what is getting me down.Anyone else has this pungen smell from uretha and if any cures. Thanks

Re:Internal Cystitis - Melissa - Raleigh, NC
My sister has been diagnosed - and is 4 weeks pregnant with what we think are twins. She's in intense pain. Anyone have any suggestions?

Re:Internal Cystitis - Bernadette - New York
Does anyone have any experience w/acupuncture and ic?

Re:Internal Cystitis - susan - massachusetts
have any of you tried Elmiron and Elavil combined or one by itself.I am 61, had IC for several years, now thinking about trying Elmiron. Until now I've been taking Ultram (tramadol) pain meds and just trying to cope. Thanks a whole lot. Susan

Re:Internal Cystitis - Arianna - Staten Island
I take Elmiron--it does nothing.

Re:Internal Cystitis - D - Minnesota
I was diagnosed with Internal Cystitis, and the Dr. told me to hold off on anything with acid in it and take an aspirin a day. Asprin is antiflammatory, and it fights the inflammation in the bladder. Furthermore a pill called oxybutin helps with the urge to go.

Re:Internal Cystitis - sandra - northern ireland
my fifteen year old daughter was diagnosed with IC seven weeks ago and is in agony. she takes cimetidine, amitripyline and now is also taking tramadol and diclefenic.there are so many medications!!any natural remedies helpful.