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Iodine Thyroid Test

Iodine as a thyroid test

Iodine as a thyroid test - Carol -
Has anyone ever heard of painting ioding on the forearm to see how fast the body assimilates it? A nutritionist did that to me on Thurs and by 6AM on Fri, it was gone. So I guess my thyroid needs some support. Any comments?

Re:Iodine as a thyroid test - Timothy Long - []
Yes, I am familiar with this, though my research says it can be very inaccurate. It is wiser to do the temperature, pulse and symptom tests, and then if necessary support your gland with correct diet and necessary supplements. Many people have success with natural thyroid. We have tests to make it easy to check your iodine levels, and safe iodine supplements if needed.

Re:Iodine as a thyroid test - Ruth - Fl
I did this test. Painted the forearm or thigh in the evening, and by morning it was gone. Actually it seems to take about 4 hours to absorb.