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Itchy Bumps

Itchy bumps

Itchy bumps - Leslie - Brooklyn, NY []
For the past few weeks my boyfriend and I have been suffering from small itchy bumps that seems to center on our hands and feet and larger itchy bumps that appear on the crack of buttocks. We went to the hospital and were given a cream for scarbies. We followed all of the instructions to a T which included washing all fabrics in the house and spraying down all furniture but we have received only minor relief from the itching. Are there any herbal cures for our problem?

Re:Itchy bumps - Trish - Florida []
I have these little clear but sometimes red bumps on hands they go away in places leaving dry skin but return in other places. just on fingers. Just wondering if you could help.

Re:Itchy bumps - Elise - [ELISEMO20@HOTMAIL.COM]
I have the little pinkish bumps on my hands and fingers, they itch a bit, but seem to get worse in the sun. They keep going away and than coming back. Any clues as to what may be causing it?