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Kidney Stones

Kidney Stones

kidney stones - Donna - []
I have that familiar kidney stone pain in my back. 11 years ago I had one surgerically removed and don't want to go through that again. I've been taking hydrangea root, marshmallow root and gravel root tea for 3 days now and am fasting. I'm drinking lots! (of water) I'm juicing apples (granny smith) and on my fourth day here I'm still in pain. Any encouragement? Help? Thanks! ~Donna

Re:kidney stones - Timothy Long - []
Therazyme Urt works very well. Recommended is 4 3x between meals. It is important to find cause. Feel free to contact me to discuss your diet.  1-888-337-0511

Re:kidney stones - Barbara - Mohnton,PA []
I was recently diagnosed with hydronephrosis. My ureter is also inflamed. I've had seven large stones in my left kidney for about 8 years. I was told they were too large to go anywhere. Is there alternative help? Thanks so much.

Re:kidney stones - big daddy - usa []
An alternative to getting surgery is half a cup of olive oil,and onehole lime squeezed into the half cut of olive oil.This alternative was brought from a military doctor, my my grandfather.I dint believe it until my dad had kidney stones. He was about to have surgery.two weeks after he started taking that.He went back to the doctor, and he was fine.Its up to you to try this.Im not the sick one.But if i see that a person is in trouble, I try to help.