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Licorice Issues

Licorice Issues

licorice issues - jen - new york []
Hello, i wanted to do some kind of cleanse, possibly leading up to the master gallbladder flush. i have sluggish bowels and was looking at the suggested steps to take towards the flush, but most products contain licorice (and slippery elm) which tend to make me rather ill (as does mint and menthol, anise, fennel, etc). also, bulk fiber does no good. i was wondering if anyone had any experice with the HCL detox and if that would do the trick? I have low stomach acid as it is, but i thought maybe it was worth a try just because of this fact. thanks in advance, jen

Re:licorice issues - Timohty Long - []
The HCL Detox is not a bowel cleanse, or specific liver cleanse. For liver, see Extended Health Liver Support Formula. For your bowels, see Aerobic Life Mag 07 (there are no herbs).


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