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Low Blood Pressure Adrenal Depletion

Low Blood Pressure - Adrenal Depletion

Low Blood Pressure- - Priscilla -
Dear Denny, Have someone check you for adrenal depletion. When the adrenals are pushed beyond endurance, over time they become depleted, and the aldosterone, the hormone from the adrenals that maintains the blood pressure, can't be recruited by the kidney to maintain the pressure you need. You might ask your naturopath or nutritional therapist for some glandular adrenal support, and possibly take a nice little homeopathic, and pantothenic acid. Added B-12 will enhance the utilization of B-5, (pantothenic). On the other hand it might be a pituitary issue, you may not be sending out enough ACTH.Be sure that no one is zapping your sixth or seventh chakra.Then check for any source of fear or anger that might be depleting your emotional reserves. Make sure you are not giving away your life-force to others in order to support them. Watch for boundary issues. Another reason might be that you may be hypoglycemic and your pancreas is giving you too much insulin, and lowering your blood sugar. The adrenals have to compensate, and they can be depleted by that process as well. Glucose shortage happens if you have a wheat allergy or a meat allergy. This can be resolved if you can release the basis for the allergy. If you have ever been on drugs, this could be another reason for depleted adrenals. In any and you would need to rebuild them with appropriate nutritional support suggested by your friendly naturopath. It's complex, but not impossible to resolve. Priscilla

Re:Low Blood Pressure- - Priscilla -
Dear Denny The sentence in my commentary that says "In any and" should read "In any case" hope you pick up the message. Would enjoy feedback.

Re:Low Blood Pressure- - Ann - westlake village [MAD4U@ATT.NET]
anybody know of a really knowledgeable naturopath between woodland hills ca and santa barbara ca?