Lymph Cleansing

Lymph Cleansing

Try these products to cleanse your lymph nodes and lymph system naturally!

Support kidneys and liver, the body's natural detox system
Reduce inflammation, swelling and congestion
Strengthen immune system by clearing unwanted fecal matter from colon

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Lymph Cleansing - Raymond -
I'm interested in information on cleansing the lymph system, products, methods, etc. that work. (I have had swollen lymph nodes under the jaw for years, and believe the ear canals are related, as I wrote above.)Thank you.

Re:Lymph Cleansing - jason -
I think the best method to cleanse the lymphatic system is to bounce on a "rebounder", which is a mini-trampoline. NASA has done numerous published studies on the beneficial effect rebounding has on the lymphatic system and on the entire body at a cellular level. They are calling it the "best exercise known to man". I use one every day and love it. You can get one for around $249 from a company called NEEDAK. Another tool that is tremendous for the lymphatic system is a light beam generator, or far-infared device. They cost around $3800, but some practitioners use them as part of their therapy. You can find info. on light beam generators at Lastly, Thera-Zyme KDY is an excellent kidney and lymphatic cleanser.

Re:Lymph Cleansing - Raymond -
What type of exercises do you do on the trampoline? Running in place, jumping, etc...? Is the rebounder a small circular trampoline like many I've seen or is it something more special?

Re:Lymph Cleansing - Timothy Long - []
Yes, I believe that is what Jason is referring to. It is a small round trampoline. I have heard good things about rebounding, but have never tried it. Just walking daily, swimming, exercise in general, will help move your lymph. I agree Thera-Zyme Kdy will help a lot, I think Thera-Zyme TRMA will help even more so for any lymph problem, inflammation, from sickness, injury, or surgery --using TRMA from Thera-Zyme works wonders. Also cayenne pepper and ginger are good.

Re:Lymph Cleansing - jason -
I generally just bounce in place on the trampoline, without my feet even leaving the trampoline itself. Some people hold weights in their hands while they are bouncing. There are many ways that you can use it, but to get the benefit of lymphatic cleansing all you have to do is bounce up and down. There are books on the market about rebounding as well, I received one with mine. I have a cheap one from Walmart and I also have a $249 one. You probably would get much of the same benefit out of the cheaper one, but the NEEDAK rebounder is superior in quality and is more fun to bounce one (the springs are quite different). Hope this helps. Jason

Re:Lymph Cleansing - Kim -
Jason, I had swollen lymph glands in my neck for two years accompanied by repeated ear aches (for the only time in my life and chronic sore throat). I had many other symptoms as well (including chronic diarrhea and intense abdominal cramping), all as a result of taking antibiotics for acne (prescribed at a world-famous medical center whose name I won't mention). The antibiotics led to a serious candida overrun in my body. I got better (it took 4 years) after going on an anti-candida program supervised by a naturopath and biefly taking an anti-fungal. The two things that helped most were garlic extract (dripped directly onto my sometimes bleeding tonsils and gum infections) and nasal irrigation. If you do, nasal irrigation, be sure to be properly trained. I have found that it has helped me tremendously, not only with this, but with allergies. Be well!

Re:Lymph Cleansing - Deanna - sf
what about dry skin brushing?

Re:Lymph Cleansing - Valeta -
I have lymphadema from breast cancer .I have had massages.What can I do to help me?

Re:Lymph Cleansing - Cynthia - Dallas
Another thing to try is over-heating therapy. There are some contraindications such as diabetes, pregnancy, heart problems, so caution and checking on applicability for you is important. Overheating therapy can be hot baths followed by slipping into sweats and covering your head with a towel and going to a warm bed to sweat it out. Steam baths, sauna also apply.

Re:Lymph Cleansing - susan - philippines
i am a breast cancer survivor. recently, i noticed swollen lymphs on my left neck. i don't know whether it is related to my ca or the acne i have developed on my nape. please, e-mail me for enlightenment. thanks and more power to you.

Re:Lymph Cleansing - C Storey - LA
The "Takara Patch " is very effective.

Re:Lymph Cleansing - Bell - Australia
For the last near say 1 1/2 years I have had swollen glands under my neck and near my ear. I have had all sorts of tests done and the doctors cant tell me anything enlightening. I have read a few articles on the lymph cleansing and wanted to ask if you think that it could help with my problem. I sometimes get ear aches which i am sure are related to my problem. Please help!!!!

Re:Lymph Cleansing - Marsha - Tennessee
I have found the rebounder to be helpful in more than just glandular and lymphatic cleansing. I also increased the eyesight in my almost blind eye. It took focusing on a design or diagram when at the antigravity (high point of the jump) point of the jump. My optometrist was interested enough in this technique to recommend it to other of his patients. The rebounder was used years ago for people after eye surgery (and after the stitches have been removed) for tissue healing. It has even shown to regenerate tissue in people who have had polio. It's quite a great, inexpensive way to keep the body in good shape, internally and externally

Re:Lymph Cleansing - Mary - Loganville, Georgia
I have had problems with my lymph nodes for years! Along with "acne" and infected tonsils. After crying to my husband, he researched and made an all natural medicine. My face is now clear. I dared to put it on my tonsils and my lymph nodes don't flare up and my tonsils are no longer infected. I also noted that I don't get headaches anymore, either. Maybe we're onto something!

Re:Lymph Cleansing - Timothy Long - []
Rebounding can be very good. Exercise in general is very important to keep the lymph moving and clear. The diet needs to be cleaned up of junk, bad fats and oils, excess food, etc. A clean diet is necessary. Loomis TRMA is fantastic in cleaning up the lymph system and body of the type of junk that can come out your skin, cause tonsil problems, excess mucus, acne, lymph node swelling, etc. A good digestive enzyme should be used too, like Loomis HCL. Cleaning the liver and colon would be wise too. Check out Loomis Challenge and Loomis Lgl. (Loomis used to be labeled Therazyme or Chirozyme)

Re:Lymph Cleansing - Rich - Sac, CA
Wow, I thought I was the only person with swollen glands in my neck with ear aches. My MD thinks I am crazy because this has lasted over a year and he has no solutions. He wants to put tubes in my ears (I'm 33). It's nice to see I'm not alone. I think I will try a cleanse as well and exercise more. I lift weights, but never have done any cardio type exercises.

Re:Lymph Cleansing - -
I have swollen glands in my neck with ear aches. My doctor said it was some sort of virus infection and said it would go away on it's own. I left feeling very unsure and confused. All I know is that I feel like I have a little lump in my throat when I swallow and my right side of my neck is tender and I have an ear ache. And behind my ear I have a tiny lump. This is all on my right side. Does anyone have any suggestions, or should I just try exercise. thanks

Re:Lymph Cleansing - Steve - Plymouth
I found that using a space hopper instead of a mini trampoline did the trick. A hidden bonus of the space hopper is the fact that you can go about your business in the office or at home i.e get from A to B. With the mini Trampoline you're stuck in one spot for half an hour, not good if your running a household or small business. At first people in the office looked at me funny, It didn't go down well. But once my skill level picked up and I wasn't knocking over coffee and stacks of paper it became second nature. I'm hooked!!!

Re:Lymph Cleansing - Steve - Plymouth
Oh yeah! since Space hopping my Lymph has never been cleaner! A space hopper is so much cheaper than those mini Trampolines. I'm wondering if anyone else has done this before purely for the Lymph cleansing effects? If so I'd love to hear from you. So for now, Space hoppers rule!

Re:Lymph Cleansing - Wilma - Manchester Ise
It's great to hear that other people have found space hopping so cleansing! I found combining colour therapy with an overinflated hopper really works. I only use hoppers with complete circular handles really works, this is primarily because if you want really thorough lymphatic drainage you need to focus your chi whilst balancing on the 2nd to last step of a circular staircase. That way your generating a complete circuit and can easily banish those negative ions without having to focus too much on your energy boundaries. It also works for water on the knee. But, yeah, I agree space hoppers do rule!

Re:Lymph Cleansing - Steve - Plymouth
Mmmm, interesting feedback Wilma! Not into colour therapy as a rule, but hey! I'm crazy enough to try anything once. I hear you about the circular energy though. We have square desks in our canteen at work and man do they create an air of negativity when eating, so much so that I've decided to use my own tray at work, it's circular and it has pictures of dogs on it. Since staying away from the square tables I've got rid of indegestion completely. Ooop!! think I'm getting off the subject???


Re:Lymph Cleansing - Nan - Metairie LA
Hi, I just had a partial mastectomy (diagnosed with breast cancer late June) and was suffering from a swollen left arm both before the surgery and now--driving me crazy! Wilma and Steve, can you tell me a little more about color therapy and circular energy? I am jsut starting to explore both but was especially interested in thema s they relate to this. Much obliged!

Re:Lymph Cleansing - misty - colorado
I recommend the Fit for Life books, especially the most recent one by Harvey Diamond alone.

Re:Lymph Cleansing - Treacy - Australia
I have Rheumatoid Arthritis, I am 45 years of age and trying to concieve a most wanted baby. Last october(2005) I became pregnant. Sadly I miscarried and around the same time I noticed swollen and sore lymph nodes in my right arm around the nside of the elbow. I have had am ultrasound which also found a swollen lymph gland under my arm approx 3 x .7cm. At first my GP sid they were reactive nodes, and refered me to a rheumatologist, these are now feeling sore and I am becoming a little worried about them. I am yet to see this Dr, but am feeling worried that this is something scarry.

Re:Lymph Cleansing - Heidie - Iowa
After having surgery and suffering from a lot of swelling I called my friend a medical massage therapist. She did 2 lymphatic drain massage treatments on me and I feel a ton better. Not only did my swelling go down, I have more energy. I advise anyone with lymph problems to find a massage therapist who is trained in lymphatic massage and try it.

Re:Lymph Cleansing - Kat - NH
Read "Fit for Life, A New Beginning" for much info about lymph and regaining health.

Re:Lymph Cleansing - Bill - Vancouver Canada
I have discovered a swollen lymph gland just under my jaw on the right side of my neck that has me very concerned. I am scheduled for a biopsy on Feb. 10/06 and have been reading your various letters on lymph gland cleansing. I have had this swelling for 6 weeks and it is about the size of a chicken egg. I have tried sauna and changing my diet somewhat but there has been no noticable change in size. Shortly after my discovery I came down with the flu which developed into a bronchial condition and is just now starting to disapate whithout antibiotics. I have been using oil of oregano and warm milk at night with honey and turmeric. What else should I be doing aside from the trampoline. Thanks, Bill

Re:Lymph Cleansing - elaine -
where would I get this light generator for $3800 and would you recommend it?

Re:Lymph Cleansing - BarbT -
Does anyone know how to contact Jason? In his above post he speaks of getting a light beam generator for about $3800. I would like to ask him where. Your assistance in setting up communication would be appreciated.

Re:Lymph Cleansing - Wim - CA
Hi - interesting discussions on lymph nodes and earaches. for the last month I have had this burning feeling in my ear and right under the back of my jaw I have a hard swollen node, dr confirmed the swollen node but just let me go home saying it can happen. I am not sure how long it's been like this or if it has gotten bigger but it is also the only thing that explains the earache. I wonder if folks here have the same sensation- like a hot light shining into the ear.

Re:Lymph Cleansing - Pro Phet -
Same as many above..I have had a swollen lymph node under my right ear for over a year...also sinus and ear problems...there is somtimes pain in my ear,accompanied with itching....I have had difficulty swallowing and food seems to get stuck in the top of my throat....I have been to a few specialist ,and they have no answers for is getting scary

Re:Lymph Cleansing - Yeshe - CA
I have had chronic left sided facial swelling and always wondered what the cause might be. When I had an Aura photograph done, it showed black energy coming from my left jaw area. I was told this was due to my old mercury fillings. They have since been replaced, but I suspect that I have 25 years of mercury residue in the glands. I take high doses of vitamin C (the best mercury scavenger there is)to clean them out. 1 week ago I went to the sauna and my glands ballooned up. I take this as a positive step, now there is better blood flow to the glands so they can be cleaned out.

Re:Lymph Cleansing - lynn - California
I see everyone is mentioning the right side but my swollen lymph node is on the left side under my jaw. It has come back 3 times in 5 months and each time is treated with antibiotics. I want to try something different. Does jumping on a trampoline really work???

Re:Lymph Cleansing - Byron - TN
I have been suffering from candida for 8 months and fighting it for the past month, can this cause problems with the lymph nodes? I have fullness in the front and back of my neck, and my armpits feel sore.

Re:Lymph Cleansing - eckseed - australia
I have had swollen lymph nodes in my throat for about a year now and it is painful when I swallow and talk and when I'm not doing anything theres a dull aching, also it is accompanied by ear aches when the throat hurts the most. Any ideas on how to get better? I've just started jumping on a trampoline etc been doing it about a week no improvement yet. if anybody has had anything similar and gotten rid of it and or has ideas if you could email me it would be greatly appreciated. thanks

Re:Lymph Cleansing - Beth - Virginia
I feel like I have entered another universe - I've had salivary/lymph gland problems for 4 years also on my right side with identical symptoms to almost everyone who wrote in - I was beginning to think i was crazy. Coincidentally I own a mini-trampoline but how long should you bounce? and what is a mini-hopper??? thanks - what did we do before the internet??

Re:Lymph Cleansing - Charlotte - Texas
I am wondering if anyone has, in addition to the problems noted above, experienced serious swelling/bloating of the stomach? I go from about 35" in the morning to 43" by evening. I've tried water aerobics, Walking, cardio exercises, lots of herbs, vitamins, and minerals, many, MANY doctors and tests without positive results. Recently started using a rebounder. Any suggestions appreciated!

Re:Lymph Cleansing - Rey - SF
What is Space Hopping?

Re:Lymph Cleansing - Tama - California
Hello eveyrone. Well I'm no health expert, but I have had so many health problems in the last couple of years. I have had severe swelling of my lymphnodes in my throat to the point where I start having a really hard time breathing and I get dizzy. I also have swollen lymphnodes on both sides of my groin. Sometimes the lymphnodes in my right arm swell up. The lymphnodes in my chest swell up as well. And the lymphnodes in my ankle are swelled. My doctor did every test in the book on me and found nothing. He said that the lymphnodes wern't big enough to be cancer, but just big enough to cause me problems with breathing and swollowing. I have severe eczema so I itch alot. And sometimes I have ear aches. What I have found is that certain places tend to make my lymphnodes swell. Unfortunately one of those places is my work. I have found that I am allergic to a lot of things, and that is what is causing me to be so swelled at times, plus I have a very slow moving digestion system. Also the itching doesn't help. But I did find out that tea tree oil and sea salt have taken my eczema almost completly away. I am about to do a whole body cleansing. I went to the health food store and they told me that junmping on a trampoline helps clean out the lymph glands and the reason being, is because the gravity acts as a vaccum and cleans out the lymph glands. Also they said that dry brushing your skin cleanses the lymph glands, because it promotes circulation and gets your lymphs moving. I am about to try all of these things and I will write back in about a month to let everyone know how things are working out for me.

Re:Lymph Cleansing - Aura Bre - San Diego, CA
I've been on a healing path for 20+ yrs. originally to help myself and now I have so much to share with others. Yes, rebounders are fantastic for cleansing. As a massage therapist, in school I learned a technique called "gua sha" - incredible for immediate pain relief/range of motion and helps clear lymphatic system and opens up circulation. I was always fascinated with it in school - initially, it looks unpleasant on the skin if you have congealed blood. Results are immediate and you'll feel so much better! Good luck to all!

Re:Lymph Cleansing - sara - new zealand
I have had issues with my Lymph nodes for several years now and also continuing problems with psorasis and sinus/teeth problems. I have found so much information on Lymph Cleansing but it is all man made products that you have to purchase - I am yet to try the Trampoline - I am wanting to know if there is any type of foods you can try and eat or not eat to help avoid lymph problems or to cleanse ones body???? Below i have information on the underlying issues of alot of the above coments not sure if it will help any one.... Lymph fluid travels to nodes found in various places in the lymph system. There are over six hundred lymph nodes in our bodies, with a particularly large concentration found in the neck, groin, armpits, and abdomen. Immune cells called macrophages are found in the lymph nodes. They engulf and destroy many foreign and toxic particles. Lymph nodes also contain b lymphocytes that produce antibodies to protect the body from future viruses, bacteria, yeast, and other organisms. In a healthy state, lymph nodes are about the size of almonds. However, when they are overloaded with excess toxins, they swell and become painful. This occurs when the body experiences colds and infections. The lymph system is vital in helping to fight disease. One way to keep the lymph system healthy is to eat foods that do not cause excessive congestion. Excessive and partially digested proteins, highly refined foods, excessive sweets, and dairy increase lymphatic congestion. Limiting these foods improves lymph function. Another way to keep the lymphatic system function is through regular exercise. Unlike the circulatory system, the lymphatic system does not have a pump. The contraction of the muscles in the body keeps the lymph fluids flowing. The work of feeding the cells and removing toxins is imperative. Keeping the lymph system in optimal condition is a big influence on your state of health. NOTE: Common Health Signs that You Need to Detoxify - Frequent, unexplained headaches or back or joint pain, or arthritis, chronic respiratory problems, sinus problems or asthma abnormal body odor, bad breath or coated food allergies, poor digestion or chronic constipation with intestinal bloating or gas, brittle nails and hair, psoriasis, adult acne, or unexplained weight gain over 10 pounds, unusually poor memory, chronic insomnia, depression, irritability, chronic fatigue, environmental sensitivities especially to odors. Cheers Sara

Re:Lymph Cleansing - Brandy - Long Beach,Ca
I have also had swollen neck gland on both sides of my neck,but more recently on my right side. The problems began after having my daughter and my neck was always swollen as well as my ears. It felt like air was being blown through my earholes constantly and I was getting frequent headaches in extremely cold weather. What I found out was that I had a loss of iodine based on the foods I was eating. The loss of iodine was swelling my glands. I had to stop eating food from the kale family (spinach, lettuce, greens, etc) and various fruits and stock up on foods that could open up my iodine receptors. My last flare up was due to the fact that I had eaten salad (all week) and mustard greens (all week). I am not doctor, but everyone should do research beginning with their thyroid in order to help stabilize their lymph nodes.

Re:Lymph Cleansing - Jeff - NJ
Wow!!! A lot of this sounds like me! A positive attitude will go a long way! Keep your body balanced!!! Avoid dairy, non-organic meets, fruits and vegetables, never eat anything out of a box or a can and you will start feeling better. I had swollen lymph nodes in my neck, chest and stomache. I was diagnosed with Lymphoma, Sarcoidosis, emphazema(whatever), infections, etc...screw medical doctors, screw the diagnose, screw ibuprofin, screw prescription and non prescription drugs, forget chemo and visit a health food store. Not a vitamin shoppe or gnc, but a real health food store. Ask for help. Get off of your ass and exercise. Oh yeah, buy Pau d' arco, it's an herb to help flush the nodes. You can get massages and jump on tamps, but hit the gym, pump some iron, jog and eat healthy. Just do it!!! Stop reading into this too much. You will drive yourself crazy! Your mind will take over and your condition will worsen. TRUST ME!!! Be strong.

Re:Lymph Cleansing - Melissa - NY
I have had 2 swollen nodes on my left side of my neck for almost 2 years...I noticed the nodes a few months after having Tonsilitis..I did not know that I had Tonsilitis..So the white lumps came back in the back of my throat..A round of anti-biotics made the white lumps in my throat go away... But it has been 2 years plus months.. And I continue to feel the swollen nodes (2) in my neck....I am now taking a Homeopathic Detox for the Liver, Kidneys,& Lymphatic System...No change in the neck as yet..But I will comment if I do get great results.... Medical Doctors...What can they say...Some of them have no idea...They tell me Oh It's nothing, it will go away....My point: Dont believe everything the Doctor tells you...They are human and they can be wrong at times... Clean up your Diet and Lifestyle....Try to manage stress... Exercise Daily ...Be Active....Love the Life you Live!!! Good Health To all

Re:Lymph Cleansing - Rob - England
Manual Lymphatic Drainage Therapy could help? An Osteopathic specialist massages parts of your body to improve lymph flow.

Re:Lymph Cleansing - Sally - Australia
Does any one know anything about the success of a Light Beam Generator. I have Lipodema, my right foot and lower leg are swollen and uncomfortable. I am interested to know info from real people, not someone trying to sell me something. Sally

Re:Lymph Cleansing - Joyce Blum - West Orange, nj
I have swollen ankles and I am looking for a massage therapist in my area. Do you know of anyone?

Re:Lymph Cleansing - Carolyn - Australia
I have had trouble with sore swollen lymph nodes under my arm for years. It was first noticed by a friend telling me they could see a lump under my left arm bigger than a golf ball. I never noticed it until then. I looked in the mirror when I got home and noticed that one breast on the same side was an inch bigger all round. Both these things a sign of breast cancer. By the time I got an appointment with the Doctor, it went down so she ensured me I had nothing to worry about. It happens to me premenstrually, but the swelling is dramatic. I read about the trampoline exercise, but I can't afford one so I tried a work out by starting out marching on the spot for 10 mins, then jogging lightly for 10 mins increasing it to star jumps and jumping on the spot. I thought it was important to throw my arms up too, not just jump. I could feel it happening. I noticed the glands had gone down a bit soon after. When I woke up they were still a little sore but not so swolen. I would also gain 5 kilos when I was in that state, but woke up having lost 4 kilos after. On top of this good diet important. Avoid carbs or sugary things (hard I know). Carbs accellerate the swelling by making the adrenal gland overproduce insulin which will make you blow up, especially in the belly. If you hate salads, add a nice dressing and you will enjoy them. I've also heard to avoid milk during this time?

Re:Lymph Cleansing - nichole - California
I, too, have enlarged lymph nodes on the left side of my neck. Dr's have no answers even after a surgery to remove a few to rule out cancer. While it not being cancer I still want to know how I can fix them, not "just live with it". The trampoline sounds good, but expensive. Would jogging work almost as well? Dr said it must be my environment or diet and it will go away. Well after diagnosis of MS 2 years ago I've have a near perfect diet since then. So is the pollution? Who knows. I guess I'll just continue juicing and exercise even more. (or move??)Is there a "cleanse" that really works? Or worth it? I eat organic/healthy and cheat only once and a while. What else is there to do?

Re:Lymph Cleansing - kia - atlanta/fl
I was diagnosed with lyphmema almost 9 years ago my left leg stays swollen all the time sometimes my shoes fit tight and i dont want to even be up on it. Now fot the past 3 years i have been getting sweelings under my arm and doctors cant tell me to try anything but a support stocking please give some suggestions and if anyone has had a professional cleansing please let me know.

Re:Lymph Cleansing - Kim - Indiana
i can't believe all of these responses sounding like mine! I have had a sore throat approx. ten years....sometimes sever, sometimes minimal, but 'always' there. The last 5yrs have been the worst - sore throat plus the major ear pains (fullness and burning in ears--constantly holding my nose and blowing out for temp relief--feels 'clogged' all the time). Well, of course i've seen all docs possible....nothing wrong, even though constant sore throat and ear pain. My ENT last year even put tubes in my ears! (no results)....I've tried several 'natural' remedies and things i've looked into online and healthfood stores to diagnose myself (have to at the point of no docs knowing!) and had no luck. Until recently, i've researched more on lymph system (my sore throat and ears cause constant gland swelling in my neck) - i can't believe all of these responses that sound so similar to me! However, to the gentlemen above, what do you say to someone that's not over analyzing bcse i do work out all the time on a regular basis and also eat healthy? Sounds like my next step will be the mini trampoline! (i have read this in other health articles before for the best overall cellular health of your entire body). I have a couple of main questions i'd like you all to answer if possible that are keys to our diagnosis i think......if there is a consensis on these, then surely we all are looking at the same issue. It sounds from the swollen glands, ear pain and sore throat, we are but i'm slso curious: Do your symptems seem to be VERY extreme in the early a.m. when you first wake or even after you wake up from falling asleep at any time???? My sore throat is HORRIBLE after i sleep. Secondly, do you experience VERY EXTREME ear pain when flying??? My every day ear pain is intensified x100 when flying!! (hurts so bad i feel my ears will bleed!) Then, my ears have so much pressure build up after i land, feels as if i can't hear for days.....Does anyone else have either of these two issues??? I feel both of these should be obvious keys to docs and my diagnosis but for some reason, not so! ??????????????????????

Re:Lymph Cleansing - Rosemary - Texas
Anyone with enlarged lymph nodes in the groin that have been helped by the trampoline or space hopper?

Re:Lymph Cleansing - jane louros - iowa
i have some ear problems as well and want to try jumping asap but after reading how common this is i just wondered how much do you all use your cell phones?

Re:Lymph Cleansing - ravi - india
pls suggest me something to reduce my swollen lymph under jaw. i'm putting up wtih it since 3 yrs.

Re:Lymph Cleansing - Barbara - Indiana
Hey, I'm amazed at this site. For the last week, I've had a larger-than-golf-ball lump in my arm pit. It has gotten harder. The minute I let go of worring about it, it went down and my fever left and I felt better. It hurts so bad that I can't seem to ignore it however.I started on the rebounder too, but didn't hear how long I should jump.I suppose as long as I can stand it and as often as possible. I was put on a detox after I almost went into anaphylactic shock. Since then I've had so many things happen physically, it's crazy. I have hives that itch like crazy, still there. When I drink a lemon drink (The Master Cleanse) I can keep the itching down to a minimum. I just have to remember not to scratch and it is ok. I have an underactive thyroid and must have taken too much of my female herbs or maybe it was the Scabie permithryn creme that was used so long. At any rate, I am on a John Thomas detox and although it is expensive(he is letting me pay over the next 4 months) I'm suppose to rid my body of the toxins in the fatty tissues under my skin, my liver and gallbladder are suppose to drop red, green, black, white (rainbow) stones of all different sizes and shapes. I'm also doing a parasite cleanse. However, I am very concerned about the knot as it is hard and seems to fill up my armpit. Only had it like this since Monday afternoon, it could have been longer, because my groin lymph nodes have been swollen and so have the ones in my neck. (I guess from the allergic reaction.) Anyway, how long should one jump per day, on the rebounder. I also have a stationary bike and lift weights, but haven't felt like anything because I'm running a slight fever. I am on Olive Leaf, Astragalas, ginseng red, and lychi berry tea,(started that today). I take a thyroid combo from Wellness Resources,Dr Byron Richards, which works like a charm, that is until I got sick. I'm concerned about the enormity of this hard lump, but I really don't want to go to the allopathic medical community. I've been doing Epsom Salt baths mostly twice a day. I've done a body wrap twice usually in the morning with hydrotherapy (hot and cold water). I feel better afterwards but then my fever returns in the late afternoon or evening. I do an enema every morning and evening and High Enema Therapy twice weekly. I'm going to have to fast for about three days with just drinking the Master Cleanse to see if that doesn't clear things out. Then I don't know what I'll do. I guess I'll just keep on doing this. I'm pretty overwhelmed with this protocol. HOpefully, my liver will be good as new, but I have to admit, it is really hard not to be worried about the huge lump. I'm trying to just give it to the Lord, and know that if I die, he knows that I went with trusting HIM or if I don't then I will be stronger for it either way. bjmoon

Re:Lymph Cleansing - Amber - NC
wow...there are so many of us trying to be healthy, what a battle. Keep rebounding and believe. Yes, watch what you eat, stay away from gluten (wheat and etc) that will keep swelling down. Eat Organic fruits and veggies and Free Range Meats. Cleansing is important! Prayer and faith in the LORD Jesus will be the first step, as he is our master healer. Check out the Books "The Fourfold Path to Hearling" By Dr. Cowan it will help and he is good doctor too. Has helped me. Take Care and Many Blessings!

Re:Lymph Cleansing - Lorraine - London, Canada
I think something that you should try is Isagenix. It give your body a total liver cleanse as well as your blood. My name is Lorraine I am a nutrionist.

Re:Lymph Cleansing - Lee - PA
I have alot of things wrong with me listed and I was ignored. I had thyroid cancer.

Re:Lymph Cleansing - Asha - Chennai,India
I have been recently diagnosed as CTCL stage 1a and i am in search of lymph cleaning methods and on reading several posts i understand that rebounding sounds very helpful.