Mag07 for toddler?

Mag07 for toddler?

Mag07 for toddler? - Sally - OH
Can Mag07 be mixed with water, baby formula, applesauce or other delivery medium for a toddler who can not take pills? She is doing OK on MiraLax (polyethylene glycol 3350, 8g/day), but that may not be a great idea long term.

Re:Mag07 for toddler? - Timothy Long -
Pure Vegan Mag 07 (now called Aerobic Life label) should only be taken on a completely empty stomach away from food and other supplements. Take with water. The capsule can be opened and the powder mixed with water. MagO7 does not absorb into the blood stream of the body. The molecules are too large and only serve to keep the stool moist. This is the best product I know of to relieve constipation. 

I would not use MiraLax. It is best to keep all synthetics and chemicals out of your child's mouth and off her skin. 


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