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Male Enlarged Breasts

Male Enlarged Breasts

male/enlarged breasts - Joyce -
My 13 year old son has enlarged breasts. Our Dr. says she sees this with increasing frequency because of hormone laced meat and dairy products. We're switching to hormone free meat and dairy, but is there anything else we can do?

Re:male/enlarged breasts - Timothy Long - []
I am glad you wrote this. It should be a major warning sign of what I and others have been trying to say. Our environment and food is poisoned with estrogen and estrogen like compounds. Avoid them, including non organic animal foods (chicken is especially bad, but so are eggs, red meat, milk products), soy, antibacterial soaps, etc, chlorine, fluoride, etc. And anything that suppresses the thyroid and therefor the liver gets sluggish and more estrogen accumulates, such as soy, polyunsaturate oils, bean. raw broccoli, cabbage and other vegetables from this family. It is a good idea to have a grated carrot salad at least twice a week, this helps to cleanse the estrogen and other toxins out of your intestinal tract. You might want to check with your doctor, but what about rubbing a little natural progesterone on his breasts to reduce them? Also, do not just avoid animal foods, going vegan has its own problems and is not the right answer for most people.

Re:male/enlarged breasts - Jennifer - []
Premier offers a great product for detoxing estrogen called XenoStat. It removes xeno-estrogenic compounds such as pesticides, synthetic hormones, and toxic chemicals found in commercial meat, poultry, dairy and hormone replacement therapy.