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Meds for Mitral Valve Prolapse

Meds for Mitral Valve Prolapse (MVP)

Meds for MVP - Anne -
I have Mitral Valve Prolapse and have been told tht I must always take an antibiotic prior to dental work. I have to get my teeth cleaned every 4 months to keep my gums healthy and it seems to me that I will become immune to the penicillin at this rate! There seems to be differences of opinion on how necessary this is. Any thoughts on alternatives prior and after cleaning? I am thinking of purchasing Colloidal Silver and taking a few doses of that. I also have Echinacae/Baptisia tincture and Olive Leaf Extract.

Re:Meds for MVP - Priscilla -
Mitral valve prolapse sometimes occurs when you have a corn allergy, which causes hyperflexible tendons and weak connective tissue. I would suggest taking non-corn vitamin C, and proline, to strengthen the valve. Using colloidal silver, along with a diluted form of liquid oxygen when you brush your teeth, would be great to keep your gums healthy and free from pockets. Avoid sugar, fluoridated water and soft drinks, and take molybdenum to prevent cavities. Priscilla

Re:Meds for MVP - Timothy Long - []
I would also consider a good probiotic like Therazyme Smi. And Colostrum would be a great addition.

Re:Meds for MVP - hyland - long beach, CA
Thank you, Priscilla, for the corn allergy and proline info! I have always been extremely flexible and have MVP. I could be a "poster child" for MVP. Your other info is very interesting also. Anne: I take CoQ10 for my MVP. Not only does it help the heart pump better and eliminate that heavy angina-type feeling in the chest you may experience, but I believe it's an anti-oxidant and is supposed to help strengthen the gums, too. I began by taking 90mg @ day, but am now using 200mgs of an oil-based CoQ10 @ day. I also take the herb hawthorn which strengthens the heart and dilates the blood vessels.

Re:Meds for MVP - hyland - long beach, CA
Priscilla: Where did you find out your info on the amino acid helping with MVP? I have gone on the 'net and found a lot of sights with general info on proline and connective tissue and the heart, but nothing specific about MVP. Any studies or tests done on it in relation to MVP? Any anecdotal info?

Re:Meds for MVP - Ruth - Florida []
I heard a Doctor say that MVP was related to magnesium deficiency. I take it regularily and seldom have problems any more. Was diagnosed 20 years ago.

Re:Meds for MVP - John Beckman - Kansas []
I have MVP with moderate there a natural remedy? My cardiologist started be on Norvasc...blood pressure med current BP is 120/70.