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menopause - rosiline - Canada
I am going through hell with menopause. At the moment I am taking Soy Isoflavones and Menoherbs. They help somewhat but now I am losing my hair by the droves and it is kinky also where I normally have straight hair. I cannot take Estrogen because of the families background of cancer and it makes my chest , legs, hurt. Help what can I do.

Re:menopause - Timothy Long - []
Go to the Library on this site and read up on the subject. Do a search using the word Estrogen. Realize that you ARE taking estrogen, soy and estrogenic herbs! That is the last thing you need. You need to work with your thyroid number one, so do a search on Thyroid, and you can use pregnenolone, and progesterone, but only progesterone when your thyroid function is fine. You may need to consult a health professional on this. But if you take the time, all the info you need is on this site. Things will turn around quickly once you are doing what your body really needs. All the best.

Re:menopause - hyland - long beach, CA
Dr. Long: Why can you only use progesterone when the thyroid function is fine? Roseline: I have just recently started using Evening Primrose Oil for my perimenopausal symptoms. 6 extra strenght capsules twice a day really helped. Also minerals.

Re:menopause - hyland - long beach, CA
Dr. Long: Also, I have tried pregnenelone and it gave me the worst PMS-type cramps. Something to do with the thyroid? Please explain. Thank you.

Re:menopause - connie - sacramento california
from what sources can i get progestrone?

Re:menopause - Timothy Long - []
To answer all the posts in this thread: If your thyroid function is very low, progesterone can convert back into estrogen and make matters worse. Though you can over-ride this by taking it in large doses for a few weeks. Still, it is wisest to support thyroid as well. There is lots of information on this web site to help you. Read Dr. Raymond Peat's articles. Same with PMS. It is best to begin by supporting your thyroid. Progest-E will probably work better for you than pregnenolone. I suggest you work with a health practitioner who is educated on this subject. Premier Adaptogen-R3 and Premier AdrenaVen along with Progest-E and American Biologics Thyroid Glandular have helped others clear away menopause and PMS symptoms. Using progesterone creams are not suggested. They have too little progesterone (can easily convert to estrogen) and too many toxic fillers. They are also a waste of money considering how much progesterone are in them. Progest-E made by Kenogen is the very best source of natural progesterone available. It is simply natural progesterone derived from wild-yam in vitamin E as a preservative. How purer can you get? Visit the online store on this web site to order it.


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