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Middle Ear Infection

Middle ear infection

Middle ear infection - Denny -
I have just had a experience with middle ear infection, not pleasant for those who have never had it. Is there anything I can do to prevent this from happening again? Denny

Re:Middle ear infection - Raymond -
I recently have had the oppurtunity to experince the benefits of earcandling and I think its great. Growing up, I suffered ear infections and took antibiotics for them numerous times. I believe the reason my lymph nodes are swollen (only under my jaw, nowhere else) is from my earlier ear problems. (Some kinesiology I had done reinforced that this is the cause, the chiropractor reccommended earcandling, and I found a chiropractor closer to home who performs the service.) A naturopath I spoke with explained that the ear canals are very isolated and once infection and residue, etc. grows there, its hard to get out. Earcandling creates a gentle vacuum which draws out wax and other junk from the canal. The first time I experienced this, tons of wax came out, much more than is common. (But what is wax? A lot of junk, bacteria, infection, etc. can dwell in it.) A week later a little bit of wax, another week and it seems my body is not going to release anymore, right now anyway. My head felt clearer than it ever has. I'm also taking transfer factor and therazyme trauma to combat the swelling and boost my immune system (and seeking other methods to clear my lymph) Some chiropractors or other health care folks offer this service, can be found through alternative medicine directories/magazines, health food stores, etc. The candles can be bought at health food stores also. Warning: after candling, dormant stuff can be affravated and a few days of cold like symptoms may re-emerge. But this is common with many alternative holistic therapies that get to the roots of problems, not just a quick fix for the symptoms

Re:Middle ear infection - Timothy Long - []
People have reported positive things about using ear candles to clear up ear problems. Using digestive enzymes and using a good probiotic can often help to prevent and clear up sinus, throat and ear infections. There is also a new product called XClear, it is suppose to work wonders to clear up the sinuses and throat area of bacteria. It is suppose to be great for people who get upper respiratory problems, asthma, and such. I have ordered some to try it out.

Re:Middle ear infection - Emily - NY []
this sounds interesting.. where would i find this probiotic and Xlear??...

Re:Middle ear infection - Rex - TN []
I use Xlear every day. Unless you are in Utah or TN, you may have to order it from their website...which is I checked out another site that is quite useful, which does not seem to be owned by their