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Mitral Valve Prolapse

Mitral Valve Prolapse

MItral Valve Prolapse - bb - San Antonio []
I have Mitral Valve Prolapse..born w/it and I am 58. I have lots of skipped beats, otherwise known as PVC's. I am otherwise in excellent health and take no meds, just supplements. Any advice on what to do for the 'skipped beats'? Mag/cal, Cellfood, Fish oil just to name a few of the supplements that I currently take. Thank you for any advice!

Re:MItral Valve Prolapse - Timothy Long - []
I support the supplements you are taking. I wonder if the Cal-Mag is the Bionativus formula with all the other minerals in ionic form. That I highly recommend along with the Cell Food and Fish Oil. You should also be using the Premier CoQ10. That is important. Also consider the Premier Olive Leaf Immune to protect your heart as a super natural "antibiotic", and to clear you body of viruses and bacteria. The same idea with the HCL Detox Kit. It will clear your body of pathogens, improve your circulation system, greatly improve the health of your gums including hidden dental infections, and help de-calcify your body. If you wish more, feel free to contact me directly. All the best, Timothy Long

Re:MItral Valve Prolapse - BB - []
Thank you for replying! I will give the recommendations a try! I know some things are triggers for my bouts of PVC's and stay away frmo those, like caffeine, sugar, etc. I had an ablation 10 yrs. ago which put an end to the many, many episodes of tachycardia but I still have PVC's which are v annoying! I love this site and have enjoyed reading the other posts! I look forward to reading them all as time permits!


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