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Is MSM really THE cure?

Is MSM really THE cure?

Is MSM really THE cure? - cindy - texas []
I hear thousands of good things about MSM...Its overwhelming the info on this stuff, and how it cures everything from A to Z....I would like to know the truth...Is this MSM really the cure? Does it really cure all these diseases it claims?

Re:Is MSM really THE cure? - Timothy Long - []
I love this question! Isn't it tiring hearing about nutritional cures! Almost as tiring as hearing about medical drug cures! MSM does seem to help a lot of people, because sulfur is a large component of our bodies, and our foods have become deficient in it, and people don't eat enough fruits and vegetables. I dont think MSM is the cure of all cures like so many products are marketed. But it is one of the better, saner big name products out there. I dont take it. But if I had a stubborn joint, or skin problem, or some such thing, I would likly take it to see if it helped me. Anyone out there have good results with it, who does not benefit by its sales? Let us know.

Re:Is MSM really THE cure? - Lorna Eagles - Ottawa, Ontario []
I have been taking msm and it seems to make me feel wonderful, it was in combination with evening primroe oil and kelp caps. something is working just great.

Re:Is MSM really THE cure? - Judy Fetch - Auburn, Washington []
I am 54 and I have been taking MSM for arthritis. I have tried many other products and so far MSM has worked better than all the others. I have no more pain and I also am showing very good signs of my skin becoming smoother and I seem to have more energy!!!! My nails and hair are growing faster and healthier! I don't want to live without it!!!