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Multiple sclerosis


Multiplesclerosis - June - OK []
Does anyone have any information regarding natural remedies for MS? Any help would be appreciated greatly.

Re:Multiplesclerosis - Timothy Long - []
Begin by buying the booklet by John Pageler called New Hope Real Help for those who have MS

Re:Multilesclerosis - ted malkowski - tx []
Any information on natural remedies for MS? Also any information on lorenzo oil

Re:Multiplesclerosis - BRIDGET NANTEL - ONTARIO CANADA []

Re:Multiplesclerosis - Tama Kuhlmann - California []
I heard that MS is an allergy to something. One allergy I heard is that it is to metal. So if you have braces or something like that it could be causing it. Or even a food.

Re:Multiplesclerosis - Margie - Sparta, Tennessee []
I take melatonin 3mg. at night to help me sleep. I find that taking benadryl also helps with the pain the next day. If anyone can come up with a remedy for the neck and back pain let me know. I am almost at the end of my rope! Margie

Re:Multiplesclerosis - david, ms reversal and cause - brooklyn, ny []
There are many causes for multiple sclerosis. However, for some unknown reason, the majority of people in the medical field don’t know what they are. A known causative agent for multiple sclerosis, founded by numerous research studies conducted over the last few years, is a parasitic bacterial infection. Chlamydia and Gonorrhea, mainly Chlamydia, has been linked and found in most people with multiple sclerosis. Chlamydia and Gonorrhea are intracellular obligate parasites. Chlamydia and Gonorrhea are linked to MS, cancer, heart disease, high blood pressure (especially medication resistant hypertension), etc. Chlamydia and Gonorrhea were once thought to be viruses from their unique single celled structures but were proven to be parasitic bacteria. In order for them to survive within a host, they need to live within the host’s cells. Chlamydia and Gonorrhea cannot survive in the blood stream for very long. These infections survive by depleting the host of ATP (adenosine triphosphate). These two parasites utilize ATP for their energy. In addition, these parasitic infections also demineralize cells of the body of selenium, ascorbate, calcium and other minerals. Chlamydia and Gonorrhea can live inside the body without being detectable. Because Chlamydia and Gonorrhea live inside the host’s cells, modern urine and blood cultures don’t accurately measure for these infections because they can only accurately measure large amounts in the blood stream and not within the cell. This is the reason for Doctors often misdiagnosing patients as being negative when, in fact, they aren’t. Chlaymydia and Gonorrhea don’t necessarily hurt everyone they come into contact with. But why? A person with a strong immune system keeps these parasites under control. These infections hide in the body and create this biofilm as protection from humoral and cellular immunity. Once immunity is weakened, the host can no longer fend off these infections and problems begin. Arsenic, Flouride, Lead, Cadmium, Cyanide exposure from cigarettes smoking, poor nutrition, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide exposure and other heavy metals added to drinking water causes immuno suppression and allows these parasites to become rampant and then allows these parasites to divide unimpeded. Treatment for Chlamydia and Gonorrhea by the medical field is insufficient. For exposure, the recommended protocol is azithromycin 1000mg for a one time dose with either levoquin, doxycycline, or suprax for two days. This standard protocol is infective and most times kills only a small percentage of the infection. Chlamydia and Gonorrhea digest ATP—which is a sugar/energy source of the human cell. The by-product of this energy/sugar metabolism is a fatty substance—a biofilm. This fatty substance saturates the cellular membrane of the victim. Once the cell is completely saturated and cannot accept any more of this fatty catabolic by-product, the body begins depositing this fatty material in the liver because the liver will attempt to detoxify this poison. Next, once the liver is bombarded with more biofilm than it can handle, the fat will be deposited in the veins and arteries and other organs and then, once it crosses the blood-brain barrier, it is deposited in the brain. This is evident from plaque formation of the brain which is seen on MRI. This biofilm is fat! Humans metabolize sugars also into fat and, just as humans deposit fats, so does parasites. Proof that Multiple Sclerosis is an infection can be seen in people who receive bee venom therapy. Be venom therapy contains anti infective products and immune system boosters, such as propolis. Bee Venom is rich in vitamins and minerals. People who receive twelve bee venom injections per month have shown to put Multiple Sclerosis into remission—it is done by synthesizing the fatty plaque deposits. In addition, magnet therapy has helped (not allowed to say C-U-R-E-D by the FDA) people with Multiple Sclerosis. A key to healing is utilizing foods and minerals that assist in dissolving plaque/cholesterol. Foods that assist in helping against fatty liver have also shown to help against MS. Look up Dr. William Philpot for extensive information on magnetic therapy. Doctor Philpot studied magnets intensely. There are two sides to the magnet. The north side is the negative pole and the south side of the magnet is the positive pole. Using the wrong side of a magnet when attempting to heal can be dangerous! The north side, or negative side, decreases stimulation of the body. For instance, the north side inhibits infectious growths and tumours. The south side, or positive side, stimulates infectious growths and tumours. Do not use magnets without the assistance of a trained professional. Write me for very specific information on treatment. I cannot reveal everything on this forum but if you write me then I will help. In addition, Research the work of Dr. Seckiner Gorgun. Dr. Gorgun is a Turkish scientist and Doctor. He invented a magnetic modulator based off of Dr. Royal Raymond Rife’s “Rife machine”. Dr. Seckiner Gorgun’s website is which stands for Generator electro magnetic modulator. His machine has reversed cancer, multiple sclerosis, kidney failure, etc. I hope this information is helpful for anyone who is combating Multiple Sclerosis.