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Natural Alternative to Tomoxifen

Natural Alternative to Tomoxifen

Natural Alternative to Tamoxifen - Karen - Austin TX
Here is case history. Diagnosed April 07 with infiltrative duct cell carcinoma, high grade, ER+ PR+. Double mastectomy w/ reconstructive surgery on April 24, 2007. Started A-C chemo in June and did 4 rounds in 8 weeks. I am on my last phase of chemo (Taxol) and only have 9 treatments remaining. Following chemo, I will need to be on some sort of hormone therapy. I have been using 'complementary' medicine (herbals and homeopathics) throughout my entire treatment with excellent results. I have had very few if any side effects from the chemotherapy. I work for a Naturopathic Doctor and my mate is an Acupuncturist, therefore I am very much in the alternative medical field. I am searching for a more "natural" approach to hormone treatment than the ones the Oncologist have suggested. (Tamoxifen, Femara, Arimidex and Anastroazole) Chemo has forced my body into a premature menopausal state. The doctor says I will need hormone treatment to block the cell receptors from estrogen absorption which feed this type of cancer. I have researched Tamoxifen as well as the others and do not like the bad side effects of them. As you can see, I lean towards a more natural approach but I also do not want to risk the return of the cancer. I know that the cancer CAN return (and may cause other forms of cancer)even after taking pharmaceuticals listed above, so if the chances of reoccurrence of the cancer are similar I would like to know. I truly refuse to beleive that there are no alternative options. Pleae share any information you have on this topic with me. I have researched for months with very little luck. Thanks for reading this and trying to help. You can reply directly to my email as I may not check this board on a regular basis. Karen K Austin TX

Re:Natural Alternative to Tamoxifen - mark -
Hi Karen, Good luck in your battle. Did you find any natural alternatives to Tamoxifen? My wife just started on it after lumpectomy and 3 months of chemo. Any info would be appreciated. Cheers Mark M.

Re:Natural Alternative to Tamoxifen - ANN - NEW YORK

Re:Natural Alternative to Tamoxifen - Timothy Long -
There is a lot of information on my web site. Read all Dr Ray Peat's articles in my Health Library. Also, see all the women's health products and estrogen blockers that we offer. In particular see Dr. Peat's Progest E Complex and Premier Xeno-Stat. 


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