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Natural Disinfectants

Natural Disinfectants

natural disinfectants - BB - []
I am interested in essential oils and have read that you can make your own cleaning solution for household cleaning as well as personal hand cleaning,etc. Some oils are said to actually kill certain bacterias. Do you know which one's these would be? How do you feel about Grapefruit Seed Extract? Do you have a favorite shampoo w/o harmful chems?? I try to use all natural things from a health food store, but always looking for something new! Thanks for replying!

Re:natural disinfectants - Timothy Long - []
I do not know all the oils off the top of my head. But this is a very good approach and there is a lot of info on the web and in books on the subject. There are also a lot of good natural cleaning products in the health stores, I use them myself, I dont use chemicals. I like Grapefruit Seed Extract, it has lots of uses.

Re:natural disinfectants - BB -
Thank you for your reply. Since I posted this question, I have been doing lots of infomation gathering on the use of essential oils and there are many that can be used to kill bacteria and viruses. I too use the cleaning products from places like Whole Foods, and have for a v long time. No chemicals in my house, for the most part. I will ck. out the shampoo.

Re:natural disinfectants - Tama Kuhlmann - California []
Tea tree oil is a very good bacterial killer. You should try it. It's awesome. It also got my eczema under control.

Re:natural disinfectants - S. Kenney - []
I am looking for household cleaners, skin care, shampoo, conditioner, soaps that are disinfectant. Do you know of any?

Re:natural disinfectants - Soph - []
Things you use on your skin are not disinfectants. They are ANTISEPTICS. Disinfectants are things you use on surfaces and objects. I really need a list of good, natural disinfectants for home. Plse help!!!