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Natural Thyroid - How Much????

Natural Thyroid - How Much????

Natural Thyroid - How Much???? - Jacque -

With an average temp of 96.3 (with a few readings as low as 95.3), I began using Natural Thyroid 108 days ago. I was already avoiding saturated fats, sugars, colas, fluoride, and foods with soy. I added organic coconut butter, shredded carrots and more protein. I am also using Progest E (150 mg a day to control symptoms), pregnenolone, Thera-Zyme Pan, Liver & Kidney. But, here I am taking 13 Natural Thyroid tablets daily and my temp has only reached an average of 97.6. I also took the temp.-based adrenal test and it was normal. What am I missing??? Help!

Natural Thyroid - How Much???? - Timothy Long-
You are on the right track. Should not be taking 13 thyroid tablets. First of all, I hope you worked up slowly over a few months to that amount? You cant just take a lot of thyroid to get quick results, this can be dangerous. We send out specific recommendations with natural thyroid, please be certain to read them carefully. I don't see you mentioning magnesium, this is VERY important to take when taking natural thyroid. It takes time to resolve thyroid issues, you need to be patient. It can be very complex and I HIGHLY recommend you closely work with a practitioner to resolve thyroid issues. Liver cleansing and support is another very important aspect, as is clearing estrogens, xeno-estrogens and toxic metals. Search on my web site for information concerning Liver-Gallbladder Cleansing.