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Natural Thyroid Meds

Natural thyroid meds?

Natural thyroid meds? - JJ -
Do you sell Natural Meds here also? I believe it is Armour Thyroid.

Re:Natural thyroid meds? - Timothy Long - []
My and many of my clients experiences are not good with Armour. We offer natural thyroid support products on this site.

Re:Natural thyroid meds? - mary - SC
What Natural Herbal Med is good for Hyperthyroidism?

Re:Natural thyroid meds? - Dot - ms
where would i find free eds for overactive thyroid

Re:Natural thyroid meds? - carolyn - Sanford,FL
I would like to know if I can give these meds to my cat?and how much would it cost?

Re:Natural thyroid meds? - nancy - rocklin, ca
I was diagnosed with at prolactin pituitary tumor in 1999. I find it very difficult to control my weight regardless of reducing calories and increasing exercise. Are there any natural holistic thyroid meds? Are there any holistic methods of increasing your metobolism? Please advise! Nancy