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Nausua and Bloating and Gas

Nausua and Bloating and Gas

nausua and bloating and gas - Suzann - San Antonio [barrientess@sanantonio. gov]
I have been having problems with nausua and bloating and a lot of gas. Right after every meal the nausua starts up and start feeling bloat than the gas. There has been times that I feel dizzy. I'm okay first thing in the morning but once I eat my day goes bad.

Re:nausua and bloating and gas - Timothy Long - []
The reason is your digestion is very weak. You may need some dietary advice to help you eat properly. Though you very likely need to take digestive enzymes. I specialize in digestion and have wonderful Therazymes that will help you. You likely need probiotics too. The best way to determine your needs and the correct enzyme product for you is to do the 24 Hour Urinalysis. Read about it in my E-Store. You may also call me for more information. Timothy Long, 1-888-337-0511

Re:nausua and bloating and gas - Tama Kuhlmann - California []
You could also do a cleansing. That would help to get all the junk out of your system.

Re:nausua and bloating and gas - Timothy Long - []
Yes, I agree about the cleansing. Anyone with digestive problems, allergies, intestinal problems, gas, bloating, etc, would be wise to cleanse their colon and liver. Our best products for this are Aerobic Life 10 Day Colon Cleanse, and the Premier Master Gallbladder/Liver Flush. I highly recommend both of them. They are easy to do and are very effective in improving your health. Everyone at least once a year should do these cleanses. We have some other cleansing products in our E-Store as well.


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