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Nothing is wrong, huh?

Nothing is wrong, huh?

Nothing is wrong, huh? - HSD - Sac, CA []
For the past two years something funky is going on with me body, skin and hair. My face suffers with acne, especially around that time of the month, painful cysts. I never had a pimple until I was about 25 yrs. old. Stress, divorce and stuff…. When I was about 30, it cleared up… Then about 33 it came back and this time with brown scaring. Some times in photographs I look like I have 5 o’clock shadow. I hate it. Not only that but at 33 I started gaining weight. 25 pounds by the age of 34 and then an addition 40 pounds by the age of 35. When I turned 35, I scheduled an appoint to get my cholesterol, blood sugar and thyroid checked. Doctor said everything is within the margins. I strongly feel there is something going on inside my system. I am thinking about detox’ing my body, maybe I am toxic? According to Ultra metabolism I could very well be. Any suggestions? Should I retake my tests? She did say that my blood sugar was a bit high and I needed to exercise. 40 pounds in one year is a bit extreme… and it keeps rising….. last month I was 180 now I am 187.

Re:Nothing is wrong, huh? - Timothy Long - []
In a situation as complex as yours, it is best to contact me directly so that I can help you. Timothy Long 1-888-337-0511

Re:Nothing is wrong, huh? - jlkite - []
A number of things can be causing your problems - if you're geting additional scarring, it sounds strongly related to hormones. What all are you using? Feel free to email me if I can help.