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Nutri-Pak Thyroid

Nutri-Pak Thyroid

We have a number of excellent thyroid support supplements to replace NutriPak. 

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See Bio-Design Thyroid 130, natural thyroid glandular tissue concentrate.


Nutripack Thyroid - jpeterson -
I've seen NutriPak thyroid recommended on this site and was wondering how people like it. How does it compare to armour and synthroid?

Re:Nutripack Thyroid - jason -
As a practitioner, I have used Nutri-Pak Natural Thyroid to wean many clients off of Synthroid, and for those who couldn't get their doctor to prescribe Armour. Most get excellent results. I think that it is the most potent thyroid on the market (non-prescription). There must be something unique about how the manufacturer processes it. Without a doubt it does improve blood test results as, such as the TSH and the free-T3 (I have done hundreds on my clients). For this reason, I do think that it is important to work with a practitioner who has used it, such as Timothy Long.

Re:Nutripack Thyroid - Corinne - Calgary, AB Canada
Do you supply thyroid support and what is the cost? Is this in US dollars?

Re:Nutripack Thyroid - brenda -
Hi. I was wondering if this is for hypothyroid? If so where do I buy it?

At Long Natural Health we have excellent natural thyroid formulas that support the thyroid gland. Click here.

Re:Nutripack Thyroid - Mary Kretzmann - Nevada City, CA
Do you know what is the comparable dose of nutripak thryoid compared to Armour? I've been taking nutripka for a few years and it has really helped me - but I am trying to switch to prescription - or at least discuss it with my doctor. The approximate dose level would at least help us compare "apples and oranges" more intelligently. I am currently taking 3 nutripak a day.

Re:Nutripack Thyroid - Jane - Lincoln, Nebraska
I'm am trying to find a person educated in this product, that will work with me so I don't have to take the Drugs that I am Allegic to. Thanks

Re:Nutripack Thyroid - Jane - Lincoln, Nebr
Where can one obtain Nutripack Thyroid? and what does the product contain?