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Nutri-Pak Thyroid

Nutri-Pak Thyroid

We have a number of excellent thyroid support supplements to replace NutriPak. The government forced all natural thyroid glandular products off the market. You can visit our online store for all thyroid support options available at Long Natural Health


Nutripack Thyroid - jpeterson -
I've seen NutriPak thyroid recommended on this site and was wondering how people like it. How does it compare to armour and synthroid?

Re:Nutripack Thyroid - jason -
As a practitioner, I have used Nutri-Pak Natural Thyroid to wean many clients off of Synthroid, and for those who couldn't get their doctor to prescribe Armour. Most get excellent results. I think that it is the most potent thyroid on the market (non-prescription). There must be something unique about how the manufacturer processes it. Without a doubt it does improve blood test results as, such as the TSH and the free-T3 (I have done hundreds on my clients). For this reason, I do think that it is important to work with a practitioner who has used it, such as Timothy Long.

Re:Nutripack Thyroid - Corinne - Calgary, AB Canada
Do you supply thyroid support and what is the cost? Is this in US dollars?

Re:Nutripack Thyroid - brenda -
Hi. I was wondering if this is for hypothyroid? If so where do I buy it?

NutriPak Thyroid is no longer being manufactured. All natural health thyroid animal glandular has been forced off the market.
At Long Natural Health we have excellent natural nutritional and herbal formulas that support the thyroid gland. Click here.

Re:Nutripack Thyroid - Mary Kretzmann - Nevada City, CA
Do you know what is the comparable dose of nutripak thryoid compared to Armour? I've been taking nutripka for a few years and it has really helped me - but I am trying to switch to prescription - or at least discuss it with my doctor. The approximate dose level would at least help us compare "apples and oranges" more intelligently. I am currently taking 3 nutripak a day.

Re:Nutripack Thyroid - Jane - Lincoln, Nebraska
I'm am trying to find a person educated in this product, that will work with me so I don't have to take the Drugs that I am Allegic to. Thanks

Re:Nutripack Thyroid - Jane - Lincoln, Nebr
Where can one obtain Nutripack Thyroid? and what does the product contain?