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Osteoporosis - Carol -
I was tested last night for osteoporosis. My score was -2.0 and was told to see my doctor for high potency calcium. I read the article on osteoporosis on this site and inadequate sun exposure was mentioned as part of the problem. I haven't been getting out in the sun very much the last few years. Also, what calcium product (if any) should I take?

Re:Osteoporosis - Timothy Long - []

Telling you to just take calcium in very old school and not good advice. Magnesium and Vitamin D are likely most important and necessary. Natural progesterone, in particular Progest E Oil, not progesterone cream is also very helpful. Pregnenolone can also be very beneficial. If calcium is needed, the Calcigard One-to-One is very good due to being a citrate form, containing equal amounts of magnesium, and vitamin D, though you need a lot more vitamin D than is Calcigard. Also see Premier Coral Legend for calcium. Begin to get a minimum of 30 minutes a day sun. But an hour would be better. Exercise, walking, light weights, swimming. You need to exercise. Also check out your thyroid, not with blood tests, but look up the symptoms and also take temperatures and pulses.

Re:Osteoporosis - david--osteoporosis - brooklyn, ny
Osteoporosis, just like many other illnesses, has many causes. I do not know what is causing your osteoporosis. So, I will just speak in general for this topic. Milk and milk products, hormone replacement therapy, hypothyroidism, adrenal insufficiency, parathyroid gland diseases, lack of vitamin D—sunlight exposure—are all known causes of Osteorporosis. Milk and milk products contains hormones and estrogen. Too much estrogen pulls calcium from bones. Stay off of pasteurized milk products such as cheese. One pound of cheese equals ten pounds of compressed milk. Raw and unpasteurized cow’s and goat’s milk helps with bone absorption of calcium. Increase your sunlight exposure. Sunlight assists in magnesium absorption. Magnesium and vitamin D assists in calcium absorption. Sunlight assists in Magnesium absorption and Magnesium assists in calcium absorption in the gastrointestinal tract. Lack of magnesium and sunlight exposure causes calcium deficiency. Also, increase vitamin C intake. Lack of vitamin C is known to be a causative factor in Leukemia, Sickle Cell Anemia, Scurvies, etc. Read the works of Linus Paulings. I posted his information on the “cancer cures” thread I wrote. The parathyroid gland controls calcium absorption and reabsorption. Parathyroid hormone puts calcium in the blood stream and calcitonin takes calcium out of the blood stream. Have your levels examined for any deficiencies. Ensure your thyroid is functioning properly so your Parathyroid gland is functioning properly. Weight bearing exercises and walking are another way of combating osteoporosis. Use of certain foods, such as Broccoli and celery help with Osteoporosis and so does juicing beets, cucumbers, and carrots. Feel free to write me for additional information.