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Ovarian Cyst

Ovarian Cyst

ovarian cyst - Marci - New York []
Has anyone had experience with treatment for a small ovarian cyst on a post menopausal woman? No symptoms. CA-125 normal. Had sonogram. Cyst is there for atleast 4 months.

Re:ovarian cyst - Timothy Long - []
There are many posts on this site addressing ovarian cysts. Basically you need to deal with your hormonal balance, excess estrogen and estrogenic type compounds stored in body, diet, etc. Along with thyroid and adrenal problems. There are some individual considerations. Though most involve these factors mentioned. You need to deal with a naturopath or enlightened MD who understands that a basic blood test does not cut it when making these decisions, such as low thyroid, estrogen, nutrition, etc. 

Re:ovarian cyst - John - RI []
In your latest newsletter did you have a subject about a product that is helpful for PMS?