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Paraben Mix and Cl+ Me- Isothiazolinones

Paraben Mix and Cl+ Me- Isothiazolinones

Paraben Mix and Cl+ Me- Isothiazolinones - Amy - Arizona []
My husband was just diagnosed as having an allergic reaction to these 2 things, causing the exzema he has on his hands. I would like to know some exact products that contain these items. I understand they are preservatives (?) I hve some items that I can purchase for him to use that do not contain these 2 items but, I would like to know what everyone else thinks of this. Thanks!

Re:Paraben Mix and Cl+ Me- Isothiazolinones - Timothy Long - []
Parabens are in many products used for skin etc. I suggest your husband detox his liver so he is better able to process and excrete chemicals he eats or puts on his skin, which is the same as eating. I recommend the Liver Support Formula. Begin on a low amount, drink extra water while using. After being on the liver support for at least a month, I would continue its use while using Oral Chelation for about 6 months. This way he will cleanse his body of metals, toxins, chemicals, arterial plaque, etc. He then will not react to things as much and he will be much healthier on many levels. Read more about Extended Health Oral Chelation and Longevity product, and Liver Support Formula (both of these were formulated by Dr. Maile Pouls) in my E-Store.


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