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Parkinsons/ Nerve Remedies

Parkinsons/ Nerve Remedies

Parkinsons/ Nerve Remedies - Steven -
Does anyone have information / experiences on natural remedies to rebuild the nerves and nervous system, for people with parkinsons disease and similar problems? Thank you.

Re:Parkinsons/ Nerve Remedies - Timothy Long - []
I am not an expert in this disease, but I would definitely use Pregenolone. It can rebuild, help a lot. I would also use Oral Chelation. Of course a great diet, and attend to your digestion. You will find the information you need on this site.

Re:Parkinsons/ Nerve Remedies - tom - dallas []

Re:Parkinsons/ Nerve Remedies - Isabella - california []
Hello, Have you heard of either Coral Calcium or Sea Silver helping Parkinsons? tks for your time Izzy

Re:Parkinsons/ Nerve Remedies - Melvia - Las Vegas []
Yes, there are remedies-- 2 of the best are GANODERMA (Reishi) and Co-Enzyme Q10 More info available upon request.

Re:Parkinsons/ Nerve Remedies - jerrie - BC Canada []
what is you take on long term emontional abuse as a cause of parkinsons?