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Penis or Bladder Problem

Penis or bladder problem

Penis or bladder problem - -
I have a problem with my penis whereby piss keeps going out at all time. So, what do u think I should do??? Is there any treatment 4 that??? I

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it's me again, i have involuntary passage of urine at all time i mean. so can anyonr tell me what can i do?

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I would need more information to help you. Why not go to a medical doctor and get a better diagnosis? Once I know the reason for your condition, I can suggest natural remedies. See products on my website for bladder, kidney and prostate.

Re:Penis or bladder problem - Timothy Long - []
You likely have an enlarged prostate or prostatitis, or weak kidneys and bladder. See Premier ProstaVen, Premier UltraPollen, Premier RenaVen, Thera-Zyme Kdy, Premier UriVen, Thera-Zyme UrT.


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