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Possible Infection

Possible Infection

possible infection - Sherry - Wisconsin []
I have had a bright yellow vaginal discharge for a couple mths, cannot find what this might be...not one for Dr's and am planning to take urinalyis. Wondering what type of infection or what else this may be.

Re:possible infection - Timothy Long - []
I am not sure. Do the urinalysis to find out, or go to your gynocologist. Once you know what it is, I can help you then decide what to do about it.

Re:possible infection - mrs. delgado - san antonio tx. []
resenlt found a high amount of protein in urine nd i am 3 and a hlf mons. pregnant i don't understand what that means? will i live to see my children grow old? they are saying it could be my kidneys but still have no answer.