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Post Surgery Symptom

Post-surgery symptom?

Post-surgery symptom? - TheRachel 
Two weeks ago I underwent laproscopic gallbladder surgery, with the added bonus of having an umbilical hernia repaired at the same time. Day after surgery I also had to have another procedure to remove stones from the bile duct. Yesterday, my stool turned green in color. I don't know if this is typical after this type of surgery or if it's just what I've eaten (salads mostly.) Of course, it's the weekend and I can't call my doctor. Thanks

Re:Post-surgery symptom? - Timothy Long 
I think it is best to speak with your doctor. For anyone else having gallbladder symptoms that are not at the surgery stage, such as bloating, slight pains near your liver and gallbladder, pains near your shoulder blades, headaches after a big meal or fatty foods, difficulty digesting fats, etc. you should consider taking digestive plant enzymes, in particular Thera-zyme Bil (Biliary) or Thera-zyme HCL. . Thera-zyme Lvr may also be appropriate. Liv Well also would help. There are many ways to increase gallbladder and liver function and to avoid surgery. Anyone who has had their gallbladder removed should also take digestive enzymes or they will be setting themselves up for more problems. Taking out the gallbladder only increases the original digestive problem. Though obviously when you don’t act early enough it may become necessary to remove it. In many if not most cases it is removed unnecessarily.

Read more about Thera-zyme Enzyme Therapy here

Re:Post-surgery symptom? - nancy1 - orlando, florida

Re:Post-surgery symptom? - mary - new jersey
i had my gallbladder removed 2 weeks ago and the gas and cramping is unbearable what should i do.

Re:Post-surgery symptom? - Peggy Villanova - McHenry, Md.
It has been 2 weeks since my surgery. I am still bloated,can't get into my jeans and I have a pulling sensation on my right side.

Re:Post-surgery symptom? - DBrown - GA
It has been 7 months since my gallbladder removal i still have problems with bowel movements i can't controll them its almost like a G.I.bleed if anyone knows what that is and the smell is also like it my mom had that so i am very familar with that please help i feel like ending all this you always have the urge to use the bathroom

Re:Post-surgery symptom? - Carrie
4 weeks after my gallbladder surgery I am still having pain in my left tropexius muscle, my pectoral muscle, tricep brachil and deltoid, which increases in pain when I lie down. Why is this happening and what can be done to clear it up? Thanks

Re:Post-surgery symptom? - dee rincon - randolph, nj
Thank you! I'm amazed to learn there are other people besides myself who have had their gallbladder out and have to go to the bathroom often. Seems likes it is more common than I thought. My doctor doesn't seem to know what I have. I had a non-functioning gallbladder and on the way to making stones. Now my bile duct is 12 mm and larger than it should be. I was having pain on right side under my bra. Do I need digestive enzymes? Help please. Dee

Re:Post-surgery symptom? - trela 
i had my gallbladder removed and i need to find a diet that i can stick with so i don't have to run to the bathroom every time i eat.If anyone have a great low fat diet to help me i would greatly appreciate it

Re:Post-surgery symptom? - Wendy - Michigan
I had gallbladder removal surgery 10 days ago for polyps in my gallbladder. I keep feeling a hard lump near my biggest incision. Is this a hernia forming or just part of the recovery?

Re:Post-surgery symptom? - Pam - Austin, TX
Gallbladder surgery one week ago. Good until I ate salad. ouch. What enzyme would you recommend? The enzyme supplment sounds right on , leaning towards Bil. Also my son has chronic mild stomache pain. Lactose intolerant, many things upset his stomache. Would enzymes help his stomache?, also he's 14, is that too young for an enzyme supplement. Thank you.

Re:Post-surgery symptom? - Pam - Texas
Wanted to follow up. surgery 2 weeks ago, beginning of 2nd week couldn't eat anything w/o pain. Thank goodness for your site. Got on enzymes as you suggested and the results are amazing. I can eat w/ no pain, can actually feel my digestive track working. Such logical advice. I'm actual amazed at how well they are working. Thank you.

Re:Post-surgery symptom? - theresa - texas
3 weeks after gallbaldder surgery I am still having loose stools 3 or 4 times a day. Why?

Re:Post-surgery symptom? - Sky - Ca
It has been 2 years since my gallbladder surgery. I am still having problems. When I eat fatty foods or even just put pressure on the right side of my stomach i have a gallbladder attack. Is this normal?

Re:Post-surgery symptom? - Velma Brown - Kansas city, Missouri
My sister had Removal of her gallbladder on Nov 3rd,2003. She is nauseated when she try to eat also all the carbon dioxizide is all around her lower back causinf a burning sensation and discomfort. Has any one had any symtons an how dis you cope? Please help someone she is so miserable!!!!

Re:Post-surgery symptom? - Diana - Tulare California
Please make email subject Gallbladdder or else I will delete. I had Gallbladder removal 7 days ago I have felt very good up until tonight, I ate a hamberger and fires, so sad I feel the same pain as before and have been up for 3 hours worried about the pain. I am going to the doctor Friday and want to ask the emzimes you talk about, can you give me more information on the herbs you talk about on this web site.

Re:Post-surgery symptom? - Hara Stainerou - Greece
two weeks ago.After a week I have vomits. What would you suggest? Thank you

Re:Post-surgery symptom? - MARY T. CAULEY 

Re:Post-surgery symptom? - rita2557@wmconnect - dearborn heightts mi
had my gallbladder removed12-19-03.functioning at6.4%. Have no desire for food.Force feed self. a.m. worse than p.m. Depression is my doctors diagnosis. Will food desire return? Help !!!

Re:Post-surgery symptom?
I had my gallbladder removed in September of 2003 and I am still having problems. If I eat certain foods, I get real gassy and bloated. I have developed heartburn and acid reflux, which I never had before. I am not over weight, and am only 36 years old and active. I am having a endoscopy next week. Has anyone else had this procedure.

Re:Post-surgery symptom? - Denis - Kansas City
Had my GB out 11/00. If you're having bowel trouble, cholestrymine (Questran) will fix it. Other problems are more insidious over time. You really have to watch your diet after having the GB out. Especially make sure you get Omega 3 fatty acids (fish oil). Also have your blood lipids checked regularly. I disagree with the digestive enzyme thing - the bile flows into the duodenom and there is plent of it to dissolve fats, unless you want to eat a whole roast beast or something. The key thing is to change the lifestyle that led us to gallstones. I am on a low-carb high veggie diet. I eat chicken tuna steaks and salmon. I've lost 50 lbs. Having minus one organ makes me feel like I need to win the battle against fat and disease. I run 1.5 to 2 miles a day. It is the key thing. But the biggest problem I am finding after having the GB out is energy level and concentration. I'm just not all there some of the time. I'm not sure if it's related. Anyone else?

Re:Post-surgery symptom? - elisha - austraia
im 17 years of age and i had my gallbladder removed about 4 days a go and the next day after having the opperation i feel pain shot up to my shoulder, it felt worse then the pain before the opperation. i asked one of the nurses if the could give me some pain releaf for my should. she told me that it was a side affect that comes affter the opperation. The doctor during the opperation has to inflate the stomach to remove the gallbladder and sometimes gas biulds up in your shoulder it's called shoulder tip pain and it really herts. the nurse had said it only happens to some people not all people, the pain also occurs when i eat a type of food for example chocolate i cant eat that any more unbless i want to havve that shoulder tip pain, i was wonderinbg if anyone could if anyone could help me with a type of diet and the types of food i cant eat.

Re:Post-surgery symptom? - Deirdre Hanekom - South Africa
I had a partial gastrectomy 2 months ago and suffer with terrible pains/cramps in the lower left of abdomen. Continuous nausea and no hunger at all. PLEASE help!!

Re:Post-surgery symptom? - Jenna - Australia
I had GB surgery last on wednesday (now saturday) The only pain I experience is where my cuts are, and up my upper shoulder tip from the carbon dioxide my surgeon used. So far food hasnt upset me... ive even had chocolate to eat. I'm constapated, but thats because of all the pain killers ive been taking. feel free to email me.

Re:Post-surgery symptom? - Brenda - Australia
I had my gall bladder removed about eight weeks ago now. I was so relieved to read of other peoples experiences. I have had persistant diarrhoea, decreased appetite, nausea, extreme fatigue, and weight loss. I have been to two different doctors who can find nothing wrong, and tell me it's just stress. I have felt as though I must be going psycho, because I just feel so crap and so exhausted. I would love to hear from anyone else who has experienced the same sort of symptoms.

Re:Post-surgery symptom? - Stacey - New Jersey 
Ok so now I am really scared. I am scheduled to have my GB removed tomorrow morning and I am thinking its better to keep it then remove it. I do have to say at least I have a heads up on what to expect after the surgery.

Re:Post-surgery symptom? - cat - florida
hi, i had my gallbladder removed 8 weeks i had severe direaha and the dr put me on questran. i am still having pain in my stomach and under my right ribs and through my back. also have bouts of direaha. is there anything i can do to ease these discomforts. i still can't eat.

Re:Post-surgery symptom? - Kerry - Ohio
What about all the stainless steel clips left inside me after gall bladder surgery? Can they shift and puncture something else? I had open surgery and the healing is no picnic - very painful. Any other people who had open, please respond so we can share. Thanks.

Re:Post-surgery symptom? - Linda - Colorado Springs
This is the seven day after surgery. I feel very bloated, like I am going to pop. There is stress in my abdomen. It bothers my lower back. I have felt worse the last two-three days than the first three days. What's up with this?

Re:Post-surgery symptom? - amanda - minnesota
I had gallbladder removed yesterday(11/11/04). I along with the doctors i had, are surprised i had no prblems before Monday!! My TWO stones were larger than golf balls leaving no room in my gallbladder. I am a bit sore from surgery yet, but doing very well so far. I eat what I want, have no problems yet with stools, still passing gas from the surgery abdominal filling. So feel and look like 7 months pg, but I am fine with that right now. I knew what to expect as my grandfather had the same surgery when i was about 14. Any one who wishes to write and "compare notes" during the healing process I'd be happy to hear from you. Take care.

Re:Post-surgery symptom? - Angela - IN
I wish I would have done more looking into this before my sergery. Almost a month now I had my gallbladder removed, I'm still in horrable pain. My doctors aren't helping the pain in my right side seems to be getting worse! If you look on line we are lied to by our doctors about the risks of this sergery. I wish I never had it done.

Re:Post-surgery symptom? - Beccy - England
I don't think anyone was lied to. I know for certain i was told all the risks. Well i had my surgery on 20/9/04 and its now 14/12/04. I've not had any problems except trapped wind i can eat what i want drink what i want. Go out on binge drinking nights out and it doesn't affect me. I love my surgeon at 21 years old i feel hes given me a whole new lease of life. However this whold trapped wind thing! has anyone else suffered from it?

Re:Post-surgery symptom? - Beccy - England
I don't think anyone was lied to. I know for certain i was told all the risks. Well i had my surgery on 20/9/04 and its now 14/12/04. I've not had any problems except trapped wind i can eat what i want drink what i want. Go out on binge drinking nights out and it doesn't affect me. I love my surgeon at 21 years old i feel hes given me a whole new lease of life. However this whold trapped wind thing! has anyone else suffered from it?

Re:Post-surgery symptom? - JOSEPH - OHIO

Re:Post-surgery symptom? - Dana
I had gall bladder surgery about 1 year ago. I also have IBS. I was thinking about getting on a digestive enzyme to help with the cramping, diarrhea etc... associated with eating too many fats. Any suggestions on a good brand? Thanks so much

Re:Post-surgery symptom? - Collette - Ohio
I had my gallbladder out on 2/16/04. I felt good the first few days and now I feel almost as bad as I did before having surgery. I had two bad attacks and didn't want to have another one. I feel bloated and still alot of gas. I wish I would have been told of this before surgery. I'm so upset. I'm nautious and depressed. I thought after the surgery that I would feel alot better but I do not. Please help me..I thought that I would not need any heartburn medicine or anything, but I still do if not more. I don't eat high fatty meals either. If anyone has any suggestions I would be very appreciative. Thank You

Re:Post-surgery symptom? - d k vankar - india
Dear sir, my wife is 54 yrs and hav e golbladde stone operation 26/1/2004 after operation she is having pain on pencreas with swalloing and there is pain in tool passing pl give me medicine or reply or why it is happened after surgery

Re:Post-surgery symptom? - Deb - Illinois
I had my gallbladder removed in July 2005.I still have bouts of the runs, but they are going away. My problem is I am having pains on the left side that feel like the pains I had on the right side before surgery. The doctors have checked my heart and said it is fine.But it still hurts. Does anyone have any ideals on what this could be?

Re:Post-surgery symptom?
i had my gallbladder out since l978. i have abdominal pain all the time. have to watch what food i eat. salads, ice cream for example are really bad. i have diahrea badly trouble to go out because always feel the urge to go to the bathroom. very annoying and fed up with it. taking cholestrymine which is the only thing helping me. i can go out more. I haven't tried anything else. Had tests trying to figure out problem but all was fine. I just realized the last year it could be my gallbladder being taken out. After learning what this organ is for it explains many things and the danger to your liver cause it has to work extra now. I still feel bloated and have cramps, feel tired all the time, have trouble eating, and feel like i have to go to the bathroom all the timebut the cholestrymine helps control it so i can go out a bit more. with cholesterol high maybe from this i have and still trying to eat better and stay away from fatty foods. its hard like anything else but i am still alive and take one day at a time. i still look and hope for a better way. its been a while since my surgery and no one mention the side effects to me and how to live with it back then but now i am wiser. I wish i had my gallbladder back. Look at all options before you remove it. i want mine back . i had to change my lifestyle and cannot travel too far but i am still here. Hang in there and never lose hope. Re:Post-surgery symptom? - Susan - canada
When i had my gallbladder out i had the runs after. Always had cramps depending on what i ate. Going to the bathroom 3 to 4 times a day. I was diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome. But after reading about the gallbladder and having this problem after surgery it had to be the removal of my gallbladder. it got worse through the years til a doctor put me on cholestrymine. I still have to watch what i do alot but i can go out more and feel better too. I haven't tried any enzymes. Digesting food isn't easy but watching what bothers me and staying away helps. I am worried about any side effects from medications. I have to choose which way is best. I suggest to look into all possibilities. Keep your gallbladder if you can.Make sure you get your proper vitamins and nutrition because diahrea will drain you out. I am taking vitamins and cholestrymine and feeling better. I just learned to take calcium and meds one hour before cholestrymine or six hours after. I was getting cramps before cause i didn't time it right. Now i take my vitamins and meds one hour before i take cholestrymine and i dont' feel bloated or have any cramps. My bowels feel more regulated too. I came off cholestrymine to see how i feel and i got diahrea back. So i went back on and feel bettera and can go out more but i have to take it every morning. Also watch the dosage too much cholestrymine gave me more bloatedness and cramps. Everyone is different so results are different. Keep trying.Only have the surgery if you have to and there are no other way.Cause it is frustrating and i want my gallbladder back.

Re:Post-surgery symptom? - susan - canada
if you are going to try cholestrymine stay away from fatty foods and especially gasy foods. Cause i find cholestrymine helps you not have diahrea so it keeps foods and anything you take in your stomach for up to six hours. Eating heavy meals can also make you feel bloated and lousy. It might be best to eat more small meals and watch what you eat. This website is great and thanks for your help too.

Re:Post-surgery symptom? - mary - alberta
can metimucil help stop the runs and regulate after? can anyone suggest a better way. what about the digestive enzyme. i need more info. how good is cholestrymine and what is the safest thing to take or do. please help. i don't know what to do or expect after my gallbladder was taken out.

Re:Post-surgery symptom? - theresa - nh
just had my gallbladder out on mar 8. i have a pain back rt side just below shoulder that i am told is trapped gas. i have been active but nothing seems to help rid the pain, i am out of percocet but even that didn't help. heat may help for a short time but i cant tape the heating pad to me 24-7. how do i get rid of this trapped gas? also my surgeon said that i did not need to alter my diet or do anything different as far as meds or food any suggestions on that?

Re:Post-surgery symptom? - George Marti - Lakeland Fl.
Four weeks after GB surgery, diarrhea is strong as ever. 4 to 5 times is normal. What type of food should i eat

Re:Post-surgery symptom? - John Alexander - Mission Viejo, California
Had GB out on 4/1/04-what an April's Fool joke for me. Have not had a normal day of stomach feeling OK. ALways have cramps and slight pain in right side. Been to Gastro. MD. Doesn't seem to be too clued in on what I need done? I am now going to use enzymes and acidolphlus to hopefully bring relief. The surgeon hanked it out and now has no desire to assist in my recovery. Maybe this is what is wrong with medicine in the U.S. today. Rip it out, collect the insurance payoff, and move on to the next victim!!!

Re:Post-surgery symptom? - Mary - Virginia
Try drinking Aloe vera juice.Just be sure to get the clear kind ,the cloudy one tastes yucky!I had my gallbladder out a few years ago.I also found out I have Celiac spue (my spelling stinks!) But the AV juice REALLY helps with tummy problems.Good luck.

Re:Post-surgery symptom? - melissa - houston tx
I strarted having stomaches as a child, now as an adult with my gallbladder gone. It is worse, the gas, bloating & hershey two steps. i keep getting bad bacteria in my colon. i have tried everything. the only thing that helps is Aloe vera juice. sick in tired of beong sick in texas, any help or comments will be helpful. i also have lupus, so it makes it harder to get releif.

Re:Post-surgery symptom? - Donna - New Jersey
I had my gallbladder removered 4 yaers ago, all I want to know is if my body will absorb vitamin D through foods or if I can only absorb it from the sun? Thank You for your time. Donna

Re:Post-surgery symptom? - Gail - Tracy, California
I am a 54 year mother of 4 grown-up children. I had be battling with gallbladder pain for 20 years or more. 3 days after my oldest daughter wedding in 2003 I had a horrible gallbladder attack. I started in the middle of the night and continued into the morning hours til I decided to call for and ambulance, I just could take the pain anymore. At the hospital the doctors gave me some pain medicine which stopped the pain enough for them to give me an ultrasound to determine it was gallstones in my gallbladder. Before I had the surgery I was out on a strict lowfat diet. No dairy food such as eggs, milk, cheese, no red meats, very little chicken or tuna, only certain types of fruit. They suggested vegetable salads with no salad dressings.No breads or sweets of any kind. I stuck to it because when ever I ate anything with fat in it I had the pain. I lost alot of weight about 30 pounds in 3 months, thats howlong I had to wait for the surgery. After the surgery I had a little bloating and gas. I returned to the strict diet of no fats for about 6 months. I experieced the diarrhia after each meal just like everyone else, but I thought it was my food digesting quickly. To make long story short. The only time I experience any pain where the gallbladder was is when I eat fatty foods, such as fried chicken, hamburgers and fries stuff like that. I do experience a little heartburn some times when I eat food high in fat or dairy product and chocolate candy bars. I try to stay away from those types of foods.After reading some of the things other people are going through, I thank God I had good doctors that told me what to do before the surgery. I mean what foods to stay away from. I do not take any medication for anything. I am 54 years old. I pay attention to what I eat and what makes me feel bad and feel good after I eat. You have to know your body, pay attention to the symtoms after you eat. Stop eating food that make you feel bad. Try it and see! The only thing I'm dealing with now is the loose stools after I eat, and thats become a way of life for me. I actually look forward to havingan empty stomach after I eat. Think about what you are doing. God bless you all. Gail

Re:Post-surgery symptom? - jennifer caldwell - indiana
i had my GB removed 2 years ago. whenever i eat anything, i have to be sure i am close to a bathroom. i have severe stomach pain, i get ht flashes, and feel like i am going to mess on myself. what can i do..i am fed up!

Re:Post-surgery symptom? - Cynthia - California
I had my gallbladder taken out about a year ago. I have the same problem as others who have had the same operation. I have to use the bathroom after i eat fatty foods. My doctor told me all the symptoms before my surgery. He also told me that i would have to change my diet or the results will be using the restroom after i eat.

Re:Post-surgery symptom? - Sarah - Ontario, canada
I had my gall bladder out 8 months ago and have continued having all kinds of digestive difficulties since. I am taking enzymes which seems to help. I have also recently started on an organic fibre supplement. This has really helped. I have read about how other fibre supplements can cause MORE gas and other problems, but this kind is great,, it works to alleviate constipation AND diarreah. IT's called Acacia powder. Just google Acacia and IBS and Heather's Tummy Fibre and you will find out how you can read about and order this product. Definately something to try out. But i agree, before you get your GBladder out, try EVERYTHING else first, including natural therapies. Once you loose this organ, there's no getting it back! I had a non functioning gallbladder that was diagnosed by a HIDA scan. Apparently, this is not a sure diagnosis.. perhaps i just had IBS beforehand and have my gall bladder out just made things worse! If anyone has any other reccommendations i would LOVE to hear it. Especially about Quastran and taking calcium?? good luck everyone!

Re:Post-surgery symptom? - courtney - alabama, usa
I had my gallbaldder taken out 3 weeks ago and have done fine except for some constipation up until yesterday..I had another attack just as bad as before my surgery that lasted for hours..the doc warned me about there may me a stone in my common bile duct..but he hasn't done any tests to check...does this sound like anything anyone else has experienced?

Re:Post-surgery symptom? - Valerie - jefferson. md
WOW! After reading some of these horror stories I should consider myself lucky. I had my gb removed a month ago today. I had the laproscopic surgery done. Reading the many stories, I was wondering just what type of surgeries most people had? Because my recovery was nonething compared to others I have read. There was no nausea or vomiting after my surgery, miminal pain unless I did something I was instructed not to do. I already suffered with IBS and constipation prior to my surgery because I also have diverticulitis. Alot of people want to rush their recovery, you must realize recovery takes time and can't be rushed, your body has gone through a trama, so be a little patient with it. Follow your Dr.'s instuction especially when it come to the diet, your are going to have have adverse reactions if you are not following what you have been instructed to do. I have been very lucky to not have had the many symptoms as others. I eat ice cream, some fatty foods, salads and chocolate and have no problems. I am a 53 year old female and I guess I should consider myself lucky.

Re:Post-surgery symptom? - Hazel - Oregon
I just had gallbladder surgery January 24, 2007. I want to know if anyone else has massive belching? It relly gets old. and if so can you help. Another product that is available is simalase(digestive enzymes)from naturapathic doctors. It's a great product

Re:Post-surgery symptom? - Connie - England
So glad I found this site! Very interesting and helpful I had my GB out 5 months ago. Most people mention pain/discomfort in their RIGHT side. My pain is LEFT side under shoulder blade. Please, does anyone else have this problem? Also, usual digestive problems and bloating. Thank you for all the help and info.

Re:Post-surgery symptom? - Carlan 
How long does it take to heal after laproscopic surgery. It's been 10days since surgery and sometimes I feel some slight pain in area where gallbladder was.

Re:Post-surgery symptom? - Helen
i have had my gall bladder out 3 weeks ago why am i still having problems eating, what kind of diet

Re:Post-surgery symptom? - vivian M. CONNER - arizona
i had gb remover a year ago. i am now feeling bloted, servere nausia, sick feeling in head,very uncomfertable all around my body under my bra, can you help.?

Re:Post-surgery symptom? - JOANN - HOUSTON, TX

Re:Post-surgery symptom? - Kat - Tx
I'am recovering from my 4th neck surgery,and have a hypo thyriod . Iwas told proiten drinks would me loose weight and heal Is this true????????????????

Re:Post-surgery symptom? - Becky - Georgia
I need someone to give me peace of mind. I had my gallbladder removed(due to gallstones and large gallbladder) on June 21, today is June 30, and have eaten soft foods, but when eating certain foods, like dairy and salad, I can still get those intense, not real pain, just kind of like a balloon deflating and someone twisting it at the base of throat to the middle of my chest. IS THIS NORMAL??? I know it has been a week. My mom says to get it off my mind and I am trying.

Re:Post-surgery symptom? - Becky 
My email is

Re:Post-surgery symptom? - Mrs Lori W - Cleveland, Ohio
I need help for my husband he is 62!! On Tues June.26th my hubby had (Open)Gallbladder Laproscopic surgery and he did okay, but he had excessive bleeding from the liver and kept him all night, he came home and felt lousy and pain in his right shoulder so bad he couldn't lay in bed or lay any where, will his shoulder doesn't hurt or have pain anymore, but both feet are swollen and calfs and legs and he's very bloated and tired and his feet hurt. His heart is fine, he has no chest pain and is breathing okay. These weren't swollen before only since his shoulder is better. Could the trapped air have gone to his feet, ankles,calfs, legs and has to go away on it's own. Called doctor and they paged him, haven't heard anything. he's eatting okay and drinking, goes to bath room. But will this swollen go down and get out of his system. He nasuated some and belches and passes gas, but the swollening problem is still there. This started a couple days ago. Any help or advice on this please. The poor thing, Thank you, Lori

Re:Post-surgery symptom? - javairia ahmed - Pakistan
iam 25 ,had multiple stones in my gallbladder and had my gallbladder removed a few weeks back nad trust me i feel much better now ,i can even have the food i couldnt think of having before ...ima girl and was pretty much scared of going through this surgery ,i never even wanted one tiny incision on my tummy but i think its worth it...i have even seen patients keeping a bad gallbladder and developing a cancer so its better to get rid of an organ that is not working properly and rather creating more problems.

Re:Post-surgery symptom? - javairia ahmed - Pakistan
iam 25 ,had multiple stones in my gallbladder and had my gallbladder removed a few weeks back nad trust me i feel much better now ,i can even have the food i couldnt think of having before ...ima girl and was pretty much scared of going through this surgery ,i never even wanted one tiny incision on my tummy but i think its worth it...i have even seen patients keeping a bad gallbladder and developing a cancer so its better to get rid of an organ that is not working properly and rather creating more problems.

Re:Post-surgery symptom? - Anna - texas
I just had my gb removed. Im gonna say 4 weeks ago. Im experiencing burning, almost a tearing senation under right brest. Pain when I walk longer than 5 min. I cannot sit either. Terrible pain with movement. Anyone who has any advice or experienced this?

Re:Post-surgery symptom? - wendy - california
My mother had her gallbladder removed years ago and she has a problem eating anything, she gets bloated right away and has to go to the bathroom. It is sad cause when ever she goes anywhere she cant eat all day because she will suffer. Has anyone else had this problem and if you do what do you do about it. Thank you

Re:Post-surgery symptom? - Rachel Hunter - england
i had my gallbladder removed after 3 years of pain i was very unsure of having tis done but i just wantwd to eat something other than salad im in alot of pain with trapped gas its unreal i just cant get rid of it still not confident to to try other foods as worried about the pain i might get but i had muliple gallstones so i spose it had to come out any one got any advice please email rachel

Re:Post-surgery symptom? - Marcia - boynton beach, fl.
I had gall bladder surgery 30 years ago. Yesterday I felt a lump near my incision. What do you think it is.

Re:Post-surgery symptom? - George Pacheco - Fall River, MA
October 11th 2007 i had a hernia operation at the same time I also had a massive wall growth on my stomach removed the size of a grapefruit, then in November 8th I had re-constructive surgery in the are I had the growth, since then,I fell like my bladder is not in place or something like that it if i was a woman i would say i look almost 9 months pregnant i was chunky but not this much. My problem is that as soon as eat with in the next 10 minutes Or even before I eat i have to remove my bowels and my stool is very soft, if i have a sandwich with lettuce, the lettuce don't get digest, and every time i go urinate i have to remove my bowels , is this normal after surgery?

Re:Post-surgery symptom? - denise smith - england
5 weeks after gallblader removal bloating swelling under ribs tight feelling tired and deppressed help

Re:Post-surgery symptom? - lori - indiana
ok,i'm to go talk to a surgeon in the morning about having my gallbladder out as they said i have some small stones and its not functioning that well and i must say that i was already scared, now after reading all this i'm terrified. can i keep it and make it function again somehow? I've had a chronic infection of my skin that won't go away and an intermittent fever. Dr. says maybe this will clear up after my surgery to remove gallbladder. Should I even have it out while i have a fever?

Re:Post-surgery symptom? - Holly - Ontario
I had my gallbladder removed last march due to a large amount of stones, I am so glad to be reading these responses because my mother and I had ours out within 2 weeks of eachother and everytime we eat fatty foods or certain foods we bloat right up and have to run to the bathroom, when I go out to a restaraunt or out for the day I have to try not to eat because I wont be able to stop running to the bathroom. It has been a year and I am still having gallbladder attacks with no gallbladder. He doesnt know what to do and is sending me for a scope, I am so glad to hear we are not alone with this I hate how the surgery affects my life with the constant bloating and running to the bathroom.

Re:Post-surgery symptom? - Richard - Johannesburg
Hi. Please help me with this issue. My wife has had her GB removed 01/03/07 and 02/02/08 had a partial gastrectomy. She still has pain after meals. What we cannot get answers for is: Is it normal to have so much pain? For how long can we expect the pain? Its only been four weeks, are we not realistic

Re:Post-surgery symptom? - sbcmom2 - IL
I had my gallbladder removed 8 years ago while pregnant, my doctor just finally put me Cholestrymine for the diarrhea. It has only been two weeks but it is working. Anyone else been on it long term?

Re:Post-surgery symptom? - veronica - ca
I had my GB removed 8 weeks ago, still having off an on diharrea. I experience bloating, gas nausea after certain foods. I now have acid reflux.My upper back hurts at times, it use to burn. I am so tired of this.. also I am constantly tired and sad.

Re:Post-surgery symptom? - Nichole - MD
I had my gall-bladder removed in Oct of 2008. I had and easy recovery and no problems until this past month (July 2009) Almost everything I eat makes me violently ill. I can't eat Meat,Dairy,Fast Food,Fried Food,Raw Veggies, Fruit, and Most sweets. If I eat these foods in about 24 hours I am living in my bathroom. I have nausea,diarrhea,pain,vommiting, and a fever of aroung 102. I had a CT and an ultrasound and they didnt find anything. I think they were looking for stones in my bile duct but it was clear. I am scheduled to have and endoscopy and colonoscopy in Aug. I'm tired, and dehydrated and I am on the brink of losing my job. Im only 29 years old and ever since this GB surgery my body is falling apart. P.S. I take Nexium for acid reflux.