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pregnenolone - Lisa -
What does pregnenolone do. Does it support the immune system also? Thank you Lisa

Re:pregnenolone - Timothy Long - []
Pregnenolone is the mother substance that the body makes from healthy cholesterol and from which the body creates hormones out of, such as estrogen, progesterone, testosterone and DHEA, as well as supporting the adrenals, brain, skin, capillaries, memory, concentration, etc. Yes, it helps your immune system.

Re:pregnenolone - Timothy Long - []
You can find an article all about Pregnenolone in my Health Library at this web site.

Re:pregnenolone - Pat - pregnenolone
Does pregnenolone effect blood clotting?

Re:pregnenolone - Jim - PGH
Granted that pregnenolone is the mother substance I have read that the oral supplements have little to be desired. What do you think?

Re:pregnenolone - Timothy Long - []
Many supplements on the market today have "little to be desired". It takes a lot of time and research to find supplements that actually work and are worth your money and time. The Pregnenolone I sell is from Dr. Marshall and Premier Research Labs. It is called Premier Pregnenolone and comes in capsules. At Long Natural Health we are very careful which products we carry. We have very high standards for quality.


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