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Pregnenolone (2)


Pregnenolone - Susie - California
Could you please explain if I understand your Article correctly, does Pregnenolone covert into all hormones that are in the body, better and safer than DHEA? Tnaks, Susie

Re:Pregnenolone - Timothy Long - []
Pregnenolone is naturally made from good cholesterol in your body, and then your body decides what hormones to make from it. It is the safe way to help your body create its own hormones. As people age they tend not to create enough healthy pregnenolone. Pregnenolone is a safe antiaging supplement. Though be sure you take high quality pregnenolone. You can trust Premier Pregenonlone. Taking straight hormones like DHEA can be dangerous. I usually do not recommend taking DHEA, pregenolone is safer. If you do use DHEA, use a natural source in small amounts like Premier DHEA.