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Prostate Englargement & Tinitis

Prostate Englargement & Tinitis

Prostate Enlargement & Tinitis - David - Michigan
In the book "The Enzyme Cure" they give an example of a man who was successfully treated for enlarged prostate with Thera-zyme HCL, Thera-zyme Urt, Thera-zyme Kdy and Thera-zyme Mal. I'm wondering if others have had success with this and if there are other recommendations they might have. Also, I'm wondering if there are enzymes or other natural remedies that have been effective in treating tinitis. Thanks for your help.

Re:Prostate Enlargement & Tinitis - Timothy Long -
I have seen many successes in my practice reducing enlarged prostrate using both Thera-Zyme Mal and/or Premier ProstaVen and Premier UltraPollen. I favor using the two premier products. I would also clear excess estrogens and xeno-estrogens from the body, begin with Premier XenoStat. There are other estrogen clearing products in my store as well. Tinitis is more difficult to answer, I have not had enough experience with that. You may contact me for more information. Timothy Long, 1-888-337-0511.

Re:Prostate Enlargement & Tinitis - Phillip - Maysville, Ky
I am seeking a cure for tinitus (ringing in my ears).

Re:Prostate Enlargement & Tinitis - Arnold - forbes north dakota
I am seeking a cure for tinitus


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