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re: IBS or Something Else

re:Is this IBS or something else

re:Is this IBS or something else - Priscilla -
Dear Megan, As you may have seen in the my answer to Byron, you may also have a dairy allergy, and perhaps a bile deficiency too. Lots of rage held in the liver meridian? And in the Gall bladder meridian? Trace those meridians several times, check out your anger level, and be sure you have enough taurine and choline. Hypoglycemia can be due to a wheat allergy. Might be about fears about money,(dough) either now or from the past. Panic is often a B-1 utilization block, but for you it might be more about fear of being on the planet. Could be a prenatal issue. Go down and pretend you are about half an inch long, and let yourself feel that fear. Run your bladder meridian as you imagine yourself as an unborn one in your first trimester.Might be that you picked up on your Mom's fear, and tried to help her out by taking it on.In either case, it could be still caught in the bladder meridian, or the governing and central vessels.Trace these pathways. Get a book that will show you these pathways of energy. Your meridians are the energy fields that influence your tissues, they carry emotional information to the cellular structures. when you trace them with intention , they release the emotional charge they have been holding. I don't know why you are getting blood your urine. This is probably something that your urologist could help you with. It doesn't seem to be related to the milk or wheat allergies. Don't blame yourself! You are not looney! You're seeing what is true.Hope you will find the right person to work with who can help you to resolve it.Prisclla