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RSD - Any Sympathizers?

RSD-any sympathizers?

RSD-any sympathizers? - Jennifer - Longmont, CO []

I have RSD and have had it for over 11 years. About 7 months ago I slipped on the ice and caused it to spread. The pain is out of this world and with all the meds they have me on, I'm beginning to worry about my stomach, liver and kidneys. I've tried accupuncture and that was an experience I'd never care to re-live. Some massage helps but it depends on how familiar the masseur is with RSD (which I've begun to call "Really Stupid Disease"). I'm curious as to whether anyone else has any other suggestions other that the dreaded pharmasuticals or anything involving needles!! Thanks!!

Re:RSD-any sympathizers? - Amy - Oh []
I work with many people that have RSD.The only thing that they have found to help with the pain is getting a stimulator. Meds for that length of time can cause damage to your organs and you should have testing done to check your liver and kidneys to make sure that they are within normal limits. It sounds like you do not want needles but the stimulator may be better than taking the meds for the rest of your life. I have not come along anything else that has helped with this and I wish that I have because I see my patients deal with it daily. Sorry that you have to deal with it as well.

Re:RSD-any sympathizers? - lisa - cleveland ohio []
Hello, I had a right knee menisectomy & developed RSD on 1/20/06. I have tried ordering the Goode Wrap brace for $60 & the magnetic light therapy thing from NASA for $120, no relief - & huge waste of $$, had 3 sympathetic blocks - no relief - now had back pain, take 30mg of morphine a day plus @ 3-4 vicodin w/no relief. I attend land PT twice a week & H2O therapy once a week & I go to the pool at leats 1-2 times more a week. I just started acupuncture & it did hurt when the needles were being stuck in me however i did feel better w/improvement of flexibility. i am now looking into oxygen therapy & healing masses [i am not religious however i do not know what else to do]. I also use my TENS unit @ 10 hours a day. have been to 4 surgeons & 2 pain drs who finally said i do in fact have this hell of rsd. all i know is that i could stop working at 30 [just married over 1 year ago]& cry or suck it up & get out of bed & go to work & all of the appointments & therapy & try to live somewhat of a normal life. i hope anyone going through this can just try to wake up in the morning & say to yourself "today is going to be a good day, I will win this 1." & see what happens - i noticed when i let the pain get me down my pain is more intense. i hope you all can hang in there & i will let you know how the acupuncture treatments are going & see what I find out about the oxygen therapy. my heart goes out to all of you who are suffering & you are in my thoughts.