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Selenium & Yeast & Thyroid

Selenium & Yeast & Thyroid

Selenium & Yeast & Thyroid - Debbie -
I took 100mcg.Selenium a day for a week and had a allergic reaction to it from the yeast.Is that common? Made me feel stuffy.Once I got it out of my system I was fine. What causes a person to be sensitive to yeast? I bought the Selenium without the yeast but I am a bit afraid to take it. I take it to boost my T3 for my Thyroid and it really does work. Many people I know are taking Selenium now that are Hypothyroid and it does seem to help. But you take mcg not mg that is a overdose.And one should only take at the most 200 mcg a day. Thought you might be interested in this or what to dicuss it.

Re:Selenium & Yeast & Thyroid - Timothy Long - []
It is interesting. Some people are allergic to yeast. They usually need to use a very stong probiotic to clear their system of candida yeast. I suggest SmI. There likely is a digestive problem as well, usually concerning sugars and carbohydrates. I will look into the Selenium connection.

Re:Selenium & Yeast & Thyroid - Bettie - Baton Rouge, LA []
If you eat two or three Brazil nuts a day, you will get all the selenium that you need. I have been doing this for the past year.