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Skin Care

Skin Care

Skin Care - Shannon - CA []
After tons of research I have decided to start using a natural skin care regime. One without sls, parabens, propylene glycol, synthetiv ingred, etc. Only prob is they are very expensive. Does anyone have any suggestions for one for combo skin?

Re:Skin Care - Timothy Long - []
A very wise decision that I highly support. Everything we put on skin is like eating it. It absorbs into the body. It has been a great oversight that people put so many chemicals on their body through beauty products. I carry a few specialty items along this line, though perhaps in future will carry more. There are many new companies coming out with truly natural skin care products, long overdue. Wishing you well.

Re:Skin Care - Tama Kuhlmann - california []
Using tea tree oil is really good for your skin and also sea salt soap. They both soften your skin and are all natural. They also take away blemishes and help clear your skin.