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Sugar - Mary -
Hello, I have just found your web site and am eager to participate in the discussion. I have stopped using sugar or sugar substitutes (except stevia and chicolin) in the last 2 months as part of my effort to get healthier and to lose weight after childbirth. What I have found amazes me. For one, sugar is in everything -- ketchup, sausage, hamburger buns, even toothpaste! I need to put an end to the addictive cycle that sugar has been in my life. Any other culprits of hidden sugar you can reveal would be very helpful. (PS. I cut out traditional sugar substitutes as well because I react to those with intense cravings as well.)

Re:Sugar - Timothy Long - []
Congratulations!!! Yes, sugar is everywhere and probably the number one cause of weight problems, and most health problems. Pizza is loaded with sugar, as is soda. Artificial "diet soda" is worse for you. Just keep checking labels. Be aware of fructose, corn syrup, etc, these too are sugars to avoid. Stevia is great, it not only wont raise your sugar level, but it can correct sugar imbalances, even correct diabetes. Be aware too that simple carbohydrates, like pasta and breads, also break down to sugar. Cutting out junk food is the number one thing everyone can do to help heal any health problem. We have many great products to support sugar balance. It is most helpful to take plant enzymes with meals that digest carbs, sugars and gluten as both the Therazyme and Premier digestive enzymes do. Also to take probiotics. See Thera-Zyme Pan, Premier Digestase-SP, Thera-Zyme Svg, Glucobiotic Supreme, Premier Probiotic Caps, and Delpro probiotic.