Sugar Intolerance

Sugar Intolerance

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sugar intolerance - jock - australia

i am sugar intolerant, am looking for help to over-come this if possible. I have not found any information to date or any medication. Can you help?

Re:sugar intolerance - Timothy Long - []
This really is not a problem at all. I suggest trying Therazyme Pan digestive enzymes and Therazyme SmI (all Therazyme formulations now renamed Loomis Enzymes, Loomis Pan and Loomis Smi). Loomis Pan is used at the start of meals to digest your food properly. Loomis Smi is a probiotic to strengthen the small intestine where the second half of sugar and carb digestion takes place. Pure Research Delpro is also an excellent choice for a probiotic. The Loomis Pan digestive enzymes will strengthen your pancreas and stomach and can be used longterm. Pan breaks down the carbs and sugars so that your body can deal with them. And of course, cut down on all sugars, junk foods, simple carbohydrates, grain products and the like.

Re:sugar intolerance - Hope - uganda
Mine is a son of 4 years and whenever he takes cane sugar he runs a fever and I don't understand what pan or kdy is. What can I do for him?

Re:sugar intolerance - Anita - Bouwel-Belgium
Hello, These are my symptons when I eat 1 granule os sugar or food containing sugar:my hart begins to beat very fast, then I start to sweat, then I'm getting so dizzy I have to lay down and I start shivering with cold. Then I start to throw up and have diarrhoea at the same time until my intestines are empty. The following 4 - 6 days I have to stay in bed because I'm dizzy, my whole body hurts so much, it's just like my blood tranported poison into every cell of my body and I have to wait till the ' poison' leaves my body. I also cannot eat fruit, fructose, honey, alcohol... Can I be helped ??? Thank you Anita Vekemans

Re:sugar intolerance - Anita - Bouwel-Belgium
Hello, These are my symptons when I eat 1 granule os sugar or food containing sugar:my hart begins to beat very fast, then I start to sweat, then I'm getting so dizzy I have to lay down and I start shivering with cold. Then I start to throw up and have diarrhoea at the same time until my intestines are empty. The following 4 - 6 days I have to stay in bed because I'm dizzy, my whole body hurts so much, it's just like my blood tranported poison into every cell of my body and I have to wait till the ' poison' leaves my body. I also cannot eat fruit, fructose, honey, alcohol... Can I be helped ??? Thank you Anita Vekemans

Re:sugar intolerance - Cristy - Roseburg,OR
I am at the extreme side of sugar intolerant, dealing with this for many years. It seems every month there are more & more food items I can't eat. Symptoms seem to get worse with each reaction to something I've eaten. Also taking longer to recover with every bad reaction. Now my body doeasn't seem to want to eliminate acid anymore which has now cause breakdown in my esophagus. I am 39 which I feel is too young for these problems. I was told to take 1 tsp. of ginger root juice for my esophagus inflammation but am afraid it may cause yet another bad reaction to my sugar intolerance. Am I right or should I try this fix? I've spent $$$$$.$$ at hospitals & specialists offices to find to problem & cure but always come home $$'s poorer very frustrated. I was told by one doctor, I have hypoglycemia. By another, I need to take antidepressants, by another, I could be menopausal. So I took their meds for months only to end up sicker than I was allready. Presently, I'm only working 3 hours daily because my body is so run down & tired. Almost all foods have some type of natural sugar content. The worst foods being: sugar, honey, syrups, fruits, milk, cheeses, ice cream, other dairies, pastas, legumes, white breads, tomatoes, avacados, soft drinks, juices, alcoholic beverages, coffee, cocoa, chips, desserts, etc........What is Pan, Kdy, & Svg and where can I find it? Please help!!!! Thankyou. Cristy Long

Re:sugar intolerance - Kristie - Brisbane
I have found that over the past five years I have become more intolerant to sugar products - particulary to raw sugar. I feel hot, dizzy, extremely thirsty and I also get thrush. I don't think my reaction is as bad as many other people but it is annoying, particularly as I am only 23. I agree with everyone else - please tell us what Pan, Kdy & Svg is!!!! Kristie.

Re:sugar intolerance - kelley - new mexico
Hello. I have always had problems with yeast overgrowth, mainly vaginal candida. These past two years have been intolerable. Recently I found that sugar such as soft drinks, candy, or sweets of almost any kind send me into an immediate yeast infection. It seems to be getting worse as I get older . I am 40 years old. Can you help?

Re:sugar intolerance - Zoe - Switzerland
NEW: I have only just started to get reactions when I eat processed sugar. I get really dizzy spells, tired, headaches and my gums become swollen. Does this mean I am becoming intolerant to sugar? Can anyone offer any advice? ANYTHING PLEASE!

Re:sugar intolerance - nikki - bristol
both my 11 year old son and I have been told we have a sugar yeast and wheat intolerance. we were told this by a private clinic but your Proper Doctor doesnt beleive in things like this. Is anyone else in the same situation?

Re:sugar intolerance - Linda - Southwestern Ontario
I also have sugar intolerance. I read Elaine Gottschell's book: Breaking the vicious cycle: The specific Carbohydrate diet (weird name) where she says to avoid all sugars (except honey), starches and glutens for one year, then reintroduce them slowly as tolerated. Before I started her diet, I was just about incontinent and sure I was headed for colitis. It was hard to stick to the diet, but it works. The trick, however, is to read labels! Did you know that the second ingredient in most prepared meats (baloney, salami, ham, etc) is corn syrup! I can now eat starches in small amounts, but I cannot eat gluten or sugars. BUT - life goes on w/o those things. I can make breads and cakes and muffins with nut flours or tapioca/manioc flour or soya flour. I cook lots of meals for company and they don't even notice there's no sugar or gluten in the meals.

Re:sugar intolerance - Timothy Long - []
Everyone should avoid processed sugar, corn syrup, etc. Most sugar intolerance is caused by the same problem that causes wheat intolerance, allergic reactions, colitis, irritable bowel, fatigue, headaches, and many of the symptoms written about in the emails above. The problem is a weak pancreas and lack of enzymes to digest your food. The thing to do is, add digestive enzymes to your diet. Thera-Zyme Pan (Loomis Pan). Can also use Premier Digestase-SP. These digestive enzyme products contain the proper enzymes to break down the sugars, grains and carbohydrates in your food. People with weight problems also receive great results by taking these digestive enzymes with their meals. It is best to take them at the very start of your meals. Of course you need to cut back the junk food and sugar intake, and any other foods that cause you reactions. Once on the enzymes for a few months, you can try to slowly introduce some foods that once bothered you, and often you will be able to eat them without problems. A good probiotic like Delpro is also very important to use with sugar intolerance, sugar digestion or balance issues.

Re:sugar intolerance - Vince - Dallas
I've had most of these symptoms all of my life, which have interfered with my daily life to the point where it's hard to stay in one place at any one time, and I've lost several jobs as a result. I feel like I've been poisoned, I ache, and have grave mental confusion after ingesting even the tiniest bit of sugar. Some kinds are better than others, but all of them are sweet death. And if I ask any medical professional about it, all I'm told is that "sugar is not an allergen"! Well, I know that already; it's a chemical sensitivity! I just spent $1000 of my own money to get this news. Well, it sure FEELS like an allergic reaction! They act like just because I don't have a proper term for the problem means it doesn't exist. I've tried many supplements but this is a chronic life-long problem for me.

Re:sugar intolerance - -
Food intolerance is real. It is a genetically inherited disorder that prohibits proper and efficient digestion and absorption of certain foods. Consult your local ND (Naturopathic Medical Doctor) and get Carroll Tested. This test is inexpensive, noninvasive, and accurately identifies all food intolerances. Upon the results, the ND can offer dietary recommendations and enhance your healing process with natural, noninvasive therapies without any side-effects. To find a ND in your area go to I wish you well.

Re:sugar intolerance - Elizabeth - Sacramento, CA
I'm sugar intolerant on many levels. I have serious digestive problems, but in addition to that, I get migraines, bladder infections and acid reflux type symptoms from eating processed sugar. I cut it out of my diet a year ago (in the form of high-fructose corn syrup and the like) and I have felt much better. If I have a regular soda or candy I have digestion problems or get a headache right away. I don't seem to be bothered by honey or fruit at all. What I'm wondering is if the diet change is enough, or if maybe there could be something more important going on here-- should I see a doctor?

Re:sugar intolerance - Timothy Long - []
The diet changes are very good. Though, your body needs help breaking down the sugars in all foods. You need the energy that your body gets from well digested carbs and foods. For anyone who has reactions to sugars and carbs, I highly recommend that you not only cut out excess sugars, corn syrups, excess carbs - especially simple carbs, etc, you also need to take Thera-Zyme Pan (plant digestive enzymes). It has what is needed to break down carbs, sugars, grains, gluten, along with proteins and fats. Also, it is usually necessary to build up your good flora and to destroy excess bad flora and yeast in your system. For this use a few bottles of Thera-Zyme SmI. Related health problems that are often directly related to sugar intolerance are fatigue, headaches, bladder problems, yeast infections, asthma, airborne allergies, sore and itchy throat and eyes, weight issues, hyper energy, low energy, depression, skin problems, sleeping problems, and more. Again, the Thera-Zyme products work wonders! You can also use Premier Digestase-SP for digestion and Delpro for a probiotic or Premier Probiotic Caps.

Re:sugar intolerance - peter - holland
I have problems with table sugar as well as most of the fruits. I get headaches the same day or the day after. My digestions also leaves much to be desired. Is this fructose intolerance ? I follow this no-sugar, no fruit diet with succes, but I feel that especially my digestion can be much better. Any suggestions ?

Re:sugar intolerance - sue - england
i have sugar intolerance and get the usual symptons dizziness,fast heart tiredness. i also have an over active thyroid which seems to be worse if i eat sugar. steering clear of sugar is extremely hard and boring. life is not the same when you cant drink alcohol and most foods. i hardly eat but seem to continually put on weight. no wonder depression sets in. i have never heard of therazyme pan where can i purchase it from. any help from anyone would be so great.

Re:sugar intolerance - Timothy Long - []
Thera-Zyme Pan is the best remedy for people with problems digesting sugars and carbohydrates. It can be purchased right here on this web site: Or use Premier Digestase-SP. It is also very important to use probiotics.

Re:sugar intolerance - kehinde - london, uk
i have proble with sugar, the problems when i take any thing sweet are abominal pain, running stole and feeling dizziness. i want try the Therazyme Pan (Chirozyme pan)product. how do i get one considering am in UK?

Re:sugar intolerance - Jan - Qld Australia
I am sugar intolerant as I have a bad reaction to chocolate and foods that have been prepared with excess sugar. I do all my own cooking and reduce the amount of sugar I put into cakes and biscuits. My own home cooking is usually tolerated quite well so long as I keep to healthy cooking and only eat small portions. I avoid soft drinks and cannot drink alcohol at all as I have a severe reaction to this. It can be very frustrating but is worth sticking to a low-sugar/alcohol free diet to maintain good health.

Re:sugar intolerance - Mavis - Las Vegas
I am intolerant to sugar. I get pain down my right leg and right foot. the pain lasts for hours. Unable to sit, stand or lay still when it happens. Also get horrible foot cramps in the night. Anyone else?

Re:sugar intolerance - Corrie - Clarion
I have always had some issues with sugar, though I never understood them. I now have an 18 month old daughter who can tolerate No dairy and NO sugar. She gets an instant yeast infection to the point of blisters and bleeding from the smallest mistake. Her doctors say no dairy, no sugars, and no fruit, but I am concerned that she's not getting enough vitamins and such from her diet. I've begun to research the enzyme deficiencies, but fear the safety in children, especially that young. I am also greatful to have read about everyone elses experiences as I didn't realize this was such a common problem and didn't realize how many other symptoms my daughter may be having that she is not able to communicate. Any guidance would be so greatly appreciated

Re:sugar intolerance - Tracey - Brisbane
I have just been diagnosed with both Lactose Intolerance and Luminal Disaccharidase deficiency meaning i am sugar intolerant but not glucose intolerant. On top on this i am also hypoglycemic. I am finding it difficult to work out what foods i can eat and when it says sugar on a packet what sugars are they referring to? Can you help?

Re:sugar intolerance - Dottie - Misouri
I have always been sensitive to sugar. My mother and brother are gluten intolerant. Also my dad now is diabetic and controls it through proper diet. I have asked many dr's if this sugar intolerance is in any way related to the gluten intolerance and I have yet to get a straight answer. I have been tested for diabetes many times and always negative. The glucose drink that is taken with the tests causes instant diarrhea. I dont want a coloscopy, which was recommended by a gastroenterologist. I am frustrated and live on almost no carbs. Any time I slip and eat sugar I suffer. I am so glad that there are so many other people out there. I was beginning to worry if I was the only one.

Re:sugar intolerance - Anne - London
After trying a Pritikin Diet (no processed food), no sugar, no gluten, no lactose; try taking a combination of probiotics to rebalance your gut bacteria. Something like Bifidobacterium infantis has been shown in medical literature to help people who have symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome. Also reduced stress is important through regular relaxation has good results.

Re:sugar intolerance - Michelle - South Africa
If I consume any sugar I become unbelievably aggressive, to the point of total insanity.. driving people off the road, cutting them off and believing that I am super strong. I have spoken to many doctors who have all told me that my anger is actually depression... Strangely I only react like that if I have sugar, even to much fruit sends me over the edge.. I get immediate headaches, my stomach pains and I feel that it is to much effort to lift my feet.. Please could you advise me as to whether the products you mentiond are available in SA? Thanks

Re:sugar intolerance - Megan - Glasgow
I have suffered a number of the food allergy symptoms over the past 10 years leading me to the diagnosis of Fibromyalgia (Chronic Pain, Chronic Fatigue, Depression etc)among other health problems I do not really agree with people offering products that you can take and mean you can eat sugar, or whatever other food group you are allergic to. Isn't that just avoiding the issue? And kind of like taking painkillers to help the pain without getting to the root of the problem... One thing that hasn't been mentioned in this thread is Candida Albicans, an overgrowth of the natural stomach bacteria. I was diagnosed with this, alongside a sugar allergy (to compliment my dairy allergy!) by a Kinesiologist last week and after dealing with the NHS's lack of knowledge for 10 years was very surprised to learn about Candida Albicans as a lot of health conditions seem to be related to this, and it is hardly surprising such a large amount of people suffer from Candida Albicans due to the sheer amount of bad stuff in the majority of foods. that is a really good link about candida albicans. but also doctors know nothing about this really, a homeopath, kinesiologist or herbalist will though so if you are suffering any of the symptoms i would seriously look into it. Hope that info helps...

Re:sugar intolerance - Tama - Oregon
It is rare that food intolerances change. Rather, we learn what to stay away from, what's really in our food. I've been practicing the Carroll Food Intolerance way of eating for over 30 years. It changed my life immediately, from feeling lousy and getting sick with serious ailments to being free from illness.

Re:sugar intolerance - Nanette - Texas
My son is 10. Hydrogen breath test, positive for Lactose Intolerance. On STRICT lactose free diet for 2 weeks now, diarrhea is WORSE, stomach aches are WORSE, dizziness happening now...He's had allergy testing/negative/Celiac testing/negative...any input on these sypmtoms?

Re:sugar intolerance - Cossette - qld, Australia
I think I may have sugar intolerance from the discriptions above. I found out that I was lactose intolerant when I was 8, though had been so since I was born and had severe reactions to lactose, which even stunted my growth, as well as giving me severe headaches and stomach cramps. I believe I am sugar intolerant as every time I have sugar of pretty much any type I get; dizzy, confused, blurred vison, headaches, cramps, stiff and achey joints to the point where I have nearly passed out numerous times. This is also interfering with my life as I can't eat most things my friends eat and I'm only 15. Is there anyhting I can do too stop this?

Re:sugar intolerance - Tina - Ottawa, Ontario
I am amazed at the number of people with similar symptoms as myself! Is there anyone who can relate to all the above but also, feeling unwell daily, long term benzodiazepine use, early perimenopause (36), severe acid reflux, swallowing problems due to supposed acid reflux, anxiety brought on as a secondary factor of diet and not because you have a nervous problem, heart arrhythmias esp.if trying to exercise or have a fever? From the sugar or fruit itself, I avoid or I will get instant headache, pounding, make me feel confused, blurred vision, almost 'drugged' dizzy, heart racing, heart palpitations, shakes, tiredness later. If I eat some solid food like meat and a potato with olive oil, it will almost make my symptoms better!? Anyone can relate to me?

Re:sugar intolerance - Daisy - Kenya
I found out that I im sugar intolerant when I was 21, though had been so for a few years yet was not aware. I am sugar intolerant as every time I have sugar of pretty much any type I get; dizzy, confused, blurred vison, headaches, cramps, stiff and achey joints to the point where I have nearly passed out numerous times. i also feel so depressed all the time and i just want to be alone most of the time. i am lost on what to do. how can i solve this? i really want my life back.

Re:sugar intolerance - Daisy - Kenya
I found out that I im sugar intolerant when I was 21, though had been so for a few years yet was not aware. I am sugar intolerant as every time I have sugar of pretty much any type I get; dizzy, confused, blurred vison, headaches, cramps, stiff and achey joints to the point where I have nearly passed out numerous times. i also feel so depressed all the time and i just want to be alone most of the time. i am lost on what to do. how can i solve this? i really want my life back.

Re:sugar intolerance - Matthew - New Zealand
I have had trouble with sugar intolerance for about 5 years now and have only now learnt to be sugar free. Unfortunately it seems that my intolerance is getting worse with age. My worst symptoms are swollen throat and nasal passages and the inability to breath causing fatigue. Different types of sugars have varying effects. Fructose affects me quickly sending me into a near coma for about two hours. The long term effects are not so severe. Chocolate gives me a hot flush through the face and breathing problems. Sugary drinks cause dry eyes, excess mucous production and breathing problems. For the past 5 years my immune system has been malfunctioning and I am regularly sick. More foods are starting to cause similar problems such as potatoe chips and vegetables. I will try Therazyme Pan as I fear I won't be able to eat anything soon (ie breads, potatoes, milk and cheese etc). Does anyone else have similar symptoms?

Re:sugar intolerance - stacey - pa
it took a long time to realize that sugar was causing my extreme thirst and causing frequent(understatement)urination. so i stopped drining sugar drinks and eating candy for the most part. a few weeks ago i couldn't stand becase of extreme weakness in leg muscles. this seems to be in direct response to sugar intake of any kind. wasn't sure so kept trying sugar and very progressively and rapidly began to experience numbness weakness and loss of control of muscle also burning of legs and arms and it also affected back muscle leg muscle and throat and eyes finally. i don't know why or what exactly is happening to be but i feel like i am being attacked on the inside its horrible. went to er and they decided it was all in my head and offered meds for my head after asking if i heard voices and saw things? something terrible is happening and it seems to be a direct result of sugar. does anyone at all experience this sort of thing?

Re:sugar intolerance - Clare - Brisbane, Australia
Hi everyone! I also have sugar intolerance and have had all my life. My mother also had exactly the same thing but I have never met anyone else who has and have wondered if anyone else out there has the same thing. I get severe migraine attacks when I eat anything containing sugar, glucose, sucrose, dextrose, maltodextrin and aspartame and sweet fruits and vegetables like grapes, pineapple, pumpkin, eggplant. I nearly always get sick from eating out and try not to eat food that anyone else has cooked for me unless I am sure it does not contain any sugar. If I eat less than a 1/4 of a teaspoon of sugar I would be sick for a week or 2 with migraines. My migraines last about 20 hours and I spend about 10 hours of that vomitting. I think the most annoying thing is that I think some people actually don't believe that I have this severe a reaction to sugar. The other annoying thing is that I often find myself in a situation where someone has prepared me food and I then have to say I can't eat it and I feel quite rude. I used to just eat it anyway and then put up with the consequences later but I was sick so often that it's just not worth it.

Re:sugar intolerance - sazzle - london
my sugar reaction crept up on me very slowly whilst in my early 20's. I have managed to live along side it now but it took some time. Easter and xmas are hard times for me thou!!!!

Re:sugar intolerance - Claire - Spain and UK
I think I have suffered from sugar intolerancefor over 20 years and have seen many many doctors - headaches, stiffness in joints and neck, facial pain and stiffness, a feeling of completly drained of all energy, feeling of confusion, panic attacks and more the list goes on - also panic attacks and feeling of unwell the whole time - I am also a coeliac and have lactose intolance does anyone else have the same symtoms and do you have any advice - somedays I feel absolutely desperate...

Re:sugar intolerance - Yaniv - Philadelphia, PA
II’m a 33 year old male who’s been on a no refined sugar/cornsyrup/honey/fruit etc. diet for about 13 years now. I can very much identify with many of the comments and the experiences people bring up. The first step in taking care of myself was going on antidepressants (Prozac) which helped me find the energy to search for the root of the problem. I reduced my inhaled allergen exposure (mold/dust mites) after pinprick testing showed multiple sensitivities. I took antihistamines for a long while (Claritin), but no longer require them. I also took oral antifungals against Candida (Nystatin/miconazole), which helped tremendously, and I am considering going on them again. I also learned to eliminate certain other foods (particularly wheat), and of course concentrated carbs (rice, pasta), from my diet. Meditation helped too, a lot. But that was after the diet changes and the antifungal courses had done their share. I would encourage everyone here with sugar related symptoms to read Dr Crook’s "The Yeast Connection," because it seems to be a landmark in describing and bringing attention to this problem. I would also highly highly recommend Dr. Ralph Golan's book "Optimal Wellness,” which you can find used for about $7 on, as a good primer on holistic and nutritionally centered self-healing. There is a lot of information out there about gut dysbiosis and ”leaky gut”, and it relates to sugar and other food sensitivities and intestinal flora the complicated interplay between these, which is largely not understood and seldom recognized as important by mainstream medicine (but is starting to be!) I am not totally better. I still have problems with depression, low energy/motivation, and poor memory. Sugar (a teaspoon is enough) still sends me into a tailspin that can last from a week or two to a good four months and involves both mental (poor concentration, disorientation, severe memory issues, general fatigue) and physical/intestinal problems. I avoid sugar like the plague, but once in a while I consume it inadvertently and take a long fall. The most recent time it was in form of an inositol supplement---turns out inositol is almost identical to glucose! Vince: I often use the same words you did to describe what sugar does to me: I feel POISONED… and only time can fix it once it’s happened. Man, it sucks. I also have a feeling the sensitivity/intolerance affects my functioning even in day to day life without these mistakes… I was intrigued by the premise here that disaccharide-breaking enzymes can help fix the problem. My recent experience with inositol suggests the problem is not with lack of enzymes (since inositol is close to glucose, a monosaccharide), but maybe in the absence of proper digestion of whatever it is, pathogenic microorganisms can thrive and problems can result, and maybe extra enzymes can help… I would urge people looking for answers not to stop there, however!!!

Re:sugar intolerance - Kim - Alabama
I've had similar symptoms to those listed in these posts for over 20 years and am finally finding help. I'm being treated for yeast overgrowth/candidiasis. With antifungal medication a low carbohydrate diet directed by my doctor my symptoms are disappearing. Try the book The Missing Diagnosis by C. Orian Truss.

Re:sugar intolerance - Jerry - Clearwater, Florida
I find that if I have any kind of concentrated sugar, I get very weak...almost to the point of passing out. I then get very thirsty and then, over time, I balance back out to normal. This at first happened with just bad and processed sugars. Later, it began to happen when I ate natural sugars and fruits. I avoid sugar completely right now. I have two questions. First, what's going on with it diabetes? it a fructose problem? Is it pre-diabetes? Second, besides exercise and a diet void of sugar, what can I do? Thank You!

Re:sugar intolerance - I hate gluten - NZ
I cannot believe it you're ALL spouting Coeliac symptoms - get the test and then go on the coeliac diet anyway - even if it comes up negative. Trust me, there's a million reasons for it to come up negative - oh yeah, and you might want to take multivits for a while and yeah diabetes is linked with coeliac so yay sugar although I must admit I have less of that on the no gluten diet. I'm not biased or anything but it's hard to watch you family kill themselves because they refuse to even get tested for a disease that I have no doubt runs in the family. So don't you guys dice with death - stay well

Re:sugar intolerance - Sharon - NV
My 8 year old daughter has been dealing with a sugar intolerance all her life. We have been very careful with processed foods and refined sugars since we got the diagnosis (finally!) when she was 4. It seemed to help for a while, but now her symptoms have returned and we are restricting all carbs and giving her acidofolis for the yeast in her system. She has progressively worsening allergies and asthma issues as well as digestive and immune problems that probably are all directly related to her sugar intolerance. She also gets frequent headaches and wakes up screaming at night from the pain in her joints. The digestive enzymes sound like something I definately want to discuss with her doctor. Are they safe for use in small children though? She has lost 5 pounds in the last month due to stomache issues and I am nervous about making anything worse. Thank You!

Re:sugar intolerance - Mandy - england
Hi I have this problem too.. I cant eat chocolate, soy, bread, pasta, Iam sort of okay with low gi carbs like basmatti ..I am so sick to my stomache if i eat them and look 8 months pregnant, i spend the whole night going to the loo, my skin has dried out like lizard skin, I get pain in my tum..with sugar i get fast heart, cant stand bright lights ..ive also had a seizure..this has been going on two years last year i got worse... doc thought i was celiac got me eating stuff to make me ill I ended up having somthing happen where my face dropped, neck went into spasum, and right hanstring weakness..waiting brain scan now..possible stroke iam only 31

Re:sugar intolerance - Daniëlle - South Africa
I also struggle with these problems. I am 23 and ive been struggling with them for almost 3 to 4 years, but im afraid my condition has become worse. I think i'm addicted to chocolate and its not helping my sugar intolerance. Neither can i consume any alchol. I feel dizzy, tired, nausious, my body shakes, my heart starts beating faster by the second, i get short of breath. Then all my glands, swell up and my entire body feels like one big blue mark, and my gums swell up and i get big sores in my mouth. my gums also bleeds heavily when i brush my teeth. I need help to start eating right, i just dont seem to have the will power and it feels as though my body is getting weaker by the day.

Re:sugar intolerance - Chelsey - California
I'm beginning to think I have a sugar intolerance as well. I started out just getting really light headed when I ate a lot of sugar or drank something really sweet. I also would get nauseous if I eat something like chocolate. I was tested for diabetes, and my blood sugar was really high. Now after a month of eating a low-carb diet, and cutting out refined sugars my blood sugar is really low (almost hypoglycemic). I know have a reaction even when I eat fruit -- I get really lightheaded, sometimes my neck gets stiff in the front, and I get very tired. It was hard to cut out sugar at first, but when you know how bad it makes you feel, you learn to do it.

Re:sugar intolerance - Darcie - Yakima
My doctor has recommended a book called The Yeast Connection: A Medical Breakthrough by William Crook. It was first published in the 60's but has amazing information. You can have a candida infection in your system but there is no real test for it. Sugar feeds the yeast. If you cut it out, and feel better, or if you feel terrible after having it, you may have a yeast problem. This isn't the answer for everyone's sugar reaction but it may be for some. Our doctor put my daughter on a two week cleansing treatment and we are cutting back sugar. My daughter was also recently diagnosed with intolerances to wheat/gluten/dairy/soy. She had chronic body aches, headaches, sore throats and loose stool or constipation. Removing these items has made a big difference but we still have set backs and I am trying to figure out what else I am missing.

Re:sugar intolerance - jac - qld,australia
I have been told by 2 doctors that i have pre diabetes and 1 told me i was sugar intolerant i feel sick constsantly but my sugar levels are either to high or to low can someone help?

Re:sugar intolerance - Don - Loveland, Colorado
I just found out through blood tests that I am sugar intolerant. So far my doctor hasn't helped much with what all this means and what to do. Is this something that I can either reverse and get over, or do I have to just manage it?

Re:sugar intolerance - Denis - London.
I've got sugar intolerance. I used to really love sweet things. When I was about 50 I started to get sick if I ate sweet things. I had been taking corticosteroid drugs for a condition I suffer from, sarcoidosis. Its sad not to be able to enjoy all the good things of life. Sometimes I break out and have some sugar and pay the price which is usually the loss of a working day because of headache and malaise.

Re:sugar intolerance - Beth - Chester
From what I have read there are two different issues being discussed here.Sugar sensitivity and sugar intolerance. Sugar sensitivity is linked to craving sugar/alcohol/white carbs/junk etc and you experience severe highs and lows throughout your day, both physiological and emotional. I highly highly recommend the book "Potatoes not Prozac" by Kathleen DesMaisons, a 7 step program for cutting out sugar which has helped many many people find their life and health again. Going cold turkey does not work for these people. It is not that you have no willpower, your very biochemical makeup is currently different to people who can "take it or leave it" Please read this book!She also has a website but the book is what you realy need for detailed info. Sugar intolerance seems to be linked to yeast overgrowth in the gut. If you have been on long term antibiotics or steroids you may well have wiped out a good proportion of your "good" gut bacteria leaving empty spaces for the candida to proliferate. the more sugar you have been eating, the more you will have been feeding it too. this includes alcohol.Candida overgrowth can eat away at the mucous lining of the gut creating miniscule cracks called "leaky gut syndrome" When this happens food particles can escape out into the blood so to speak before they have been broken down and the body recognises them as invaders (because it is only "used to meeting" our food in its totally broken down state) and attacks and an intolerance is created.For some reason which I do not yet understand, candida overgrowth also often creates an intolerance to bread yeast. I will have to study some more to know why.The longer the problems goes unaddressed the longer the yeast has to proliferate and it becomes more severe. If you can afford it I would suggest a nutritionist, who will most likely prescribe natural antifungals and probiotics (pills containing billions of good bacteria to help you repopulate your gut) as well as cutting out sugars.I am not sure but I suppose when the candida problem had been helped, you may be able to slowly reintroduce some sugars. Though personally I would get all my sugars from complex carbs and fructose.If we seek to feed ourselves on processed sugars it is inevitable over time that problems will occur. I wish you all well and hope you manage to find the path to health and happiness! :)

Re:sugar intolerance - Sharon - Nevada
My daughter has just been diagnosed with CSID, that is congenital sucrase isomaltase deficiency. This means she is lacking the enzymes to digest sugar. Some others also cannot digest starches. The only treatment at this time is Sucraid, an enzyme replacement. Definately worth asking a doctor about. My daughter is doing a bit better on it. Fewer tummyaches and diahrea as long as we take it religiously. Good Luck!

Re:sugar intolerance - Abdulla - Oman
whenever i take fresh fruits and maybe table suger as well, i suffer from heavy gastritis, bloating, fatigue, flatulent and so on, can i get ur help and adice please. Thnx

Re:sugar intolerance - cs - birmingham,uk
I too have a sugar intolerance, causing severve headaches that make me extremely dizzy, sometimes fainting/passig out,bloating (i'm frequently told i look pregnant), sleepyness, vomitting, stomach problems, throat swelling etc and the book 'potatoes not prozac' has been a great help into understanding. I'm not one for self help books but when i went to the drs in my teens was told 'sugar is not an allergen, so you can't be allergic' I realised i needed to researh further. That was 10 years ago and only now am i beginning to understand my body. I also think it may be helpful for you to know that if i eat processed sugar for a few days or even weeks sometimes I have to avoid fruit and other natural sugars as my body 'panic reacts' to them. if i have stayed off processed sugar and had no reactions for a month or so I can tolerate fruit sugar.hope this helps

Re:sugar intolerance - John - Australia
I believe I have some sort of intolerance to sugar (and wheat and dairy). I have notice that when i eat wheat, sugar or dairy i am affected in different ways. If i eat wheat or dairy it causes bloating and if i eat sugar it affects my concentration and ability to focus and in the past when i was less careful i felt foggy and tired and really vague. Now days i try to avoid wheat and dairy and sugar. I suspect it is bacteria or yeast related but am not sure because i was tested for the presence of different bacteria in my gut and there was not conclusive evidence that in fact i had the wrong bacteria in my gut. Also i still find i have sugar cravings at times and sometimes still have foggy thinking. I wonder although i avoid processed foods whether there are other things i need to avoid ie i have heard if you have a sugar problem you should avoid white potatoes and white rice. Can i get some help and advise. Ultimately i would like to get the wrong bacteria out of my gut if thats the problem but also would like to know what things i should avoid in the mean time. Thanks

Re:sugar intolerance - Francine - Oregon
It is rare that a food intolerance in an individual changes and that there is a cure for it. It is designed to help people to avoid their food intolerances by identifying hidden ingredients in foods and listing what constitutes a food and/or derivative of a food category, i.e. dairy, potato, sugar, etc. "Food intolerance involves digestion and metabolism, and is an enzymatic phenomenon, genetically determined. Food intolerance is the inability of a particular body to easily digest or metabolize a particular food. As a consequence, mal-digestion occurs, and toxic metabolites are formed in the intestine and absorbed into the blood. These will affect or interfere with normal function of the body, and become part of the basis of chronic illness." Allergy is an auto-immune phenomenon. Therefore, allergies can be often cured by removing foods a person is intolerant to.

Re:sugar intolerance - Katie - Michigan
My son is 6, and is very agressive and hard to control. He will get mad about small things, or cry at the drop of a hat. He is so unpredictable, and we find ourselves walking on eggshells all the time. He often gets a disconnected look in his eyes, and is irrational, and impossible to be with. He won't respond and gets really goofy, and then jittery. We thought it was maybe ADHD, and have him visiting a counselor, but it dosen't really fit what I see happening. Recently, a friend mentioned taking out sugar, and I am amazed how much I notice it affect him when he has it. He gets that disconnect, and I notice it only after he has sugar. I have had him off of sugar (as much as possible) for about a week, and he is a different kid. He is keeping a feelings jounal for his councelor, and I see that when he has a '10' day, he has had no sugar, and when he has a '3' day, he has had sugar. He has struggled with this since he was a baby, and I just thought I was a bad mother. I don't think that anymore. I just need to know where to go from here. Please direct me to the next step, and what tests to have performed. My hubby is a physician, and is skeptical, but I see it everyday, and see how it affects his little life (and mine, and his 2 younger siblings (and one on the way very soon)). I want he to be healthy and happy and the best kid he can be.

Re:sugar intolerance - karey - Chico, ca
Anyone else on this board have any sensitivities to Phenylalanine? I have all of the problems with sugar as stated above (especially fatigue, dizziness and severe confusion). I noticed a problem with many sugar free "food" items as well and found the connection. Look at the label. There is a warning for phenylketonurics (a person sensitive to phenylalanine) on such sugar free items as gum, diet drinks and sugar free jello. Any info you might have to share on this would be great! Thanks!

Re:sugar intolerance - Daniela - Serbia
Hello , I am sorry if my English is bad. I am from Serbia. My son is 7.5 yrs old. he was a chronic diarrhea until his born.When he start with cow milk thing get worse.When he was 6 yrs old his diarrhea was worst and he was aggressive, he was so hungry .Than I reed about lactose intolerance and sugar intolerance o net.Doctors don't know what is it.But I get him a elimination diet.Now he cant it anything with milk,sugar, any fruit or vegetables.He has poor muscles and have a problem with walking, with kidneys and he need to eat less meat,eggs ,soy food . But what he can eat?What eat some of you who have a intolerance on sugar.Doctors tell me only that they suspect sugar intolerance.

Re:sugar intolerance - John - Gold Coast
Ahhhhhhhhh! At last, something that makes sense after 14 years! I have all the symptoms of IBS and Chronic Pancreatitis except steatorrhea. However, all forms of tests, scans, MRIs, capsule endoscopy etc. fail to reveal any damage to the pancreas or any organ. Also, years with a dietitian never proved any food intolerance! Abstinence from alcohol makes no difference! In desperation I have been on"Creon" and "Tramal" [enzymes as you suggest for sugars and carbohydrate]. This hasn't worked until I cut out eating" strawberry-creams" sweets [lollies/confectionery]. Once I stopped eating sugar after dinner I have almost cleared up [but I can still tolerate sugar in my coffee]. I have yet to ascertain whether it was the sugar alone or the fact that I did not eat enzymes with the sweets!!! Cheers, john

Re:sugar intolerance - Daniela - serbia
Hello Katie, my son ( suspected sugar intolerance) was so aggressive like yours.He had a problem with Candida, he had a bad immunity and he was aggressive when he was 6 yrs old.I put him on diet for few days like you.Now is almost one year he is without sugar,fructose,dextroses, honey,no cakes, no cookies,fruit and vegetables.he is not nervous, not aggressive and good in school.He can eat protein, he eat dark chocolate only 1-3 little pieces on day.I found a sugar >"sugar WITHOUT SUGAR" YOU CAN SEARCH ON NET.That sugar he can eat without a problem.His physician is not sure but he thinks he has a sugar intolerance and he has proved lactose intolerance.But without a sugar he is now normal boy.One homeopathic doctor gave him serotonin and that is great You can reed in wikipedia> "the central nervous system, serotonin plays an important role as a neurotransmitter in the modulation of anger, aggression, body temperature, mood, sleep, sexuality, appetite, and metabolism, as well as stimulating vomiting.[1].

Re:sugar intolerance - Sheron - Colorado
Where can I buy the digestive enzyme you recommend? Thank you

Buy it from

Re:sugar intolerance - Master dp - virginia
to all; water plenty of it, and consistent exercise is the key to significantly reducing the affects of sugar intolerance. Stevia(sugar sub) is usually well tolerated. Yoga, strength, and aerobic types of exercise works very well; removing toxins and burning up carbs.

Re:sugar intolerance - Mindy - Kansas
I am intolerant to refined sugars and sugar in fruit. I also have intolerance to aspartame - which I would suspect as a problem for Karey in Chico, CA. Phenylalanine is actually an amino acid -so an intolerance of this would show up when eating protein foods.