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Swimmer's Ear

Swimmer's Ear

Swimmer's Ear - Carol -
My daughter was diagnosed with swimmers ear. It's basically just a narrowing of the ear canal. Does anyone have any ideas how to remedy this problem? She lives about 1 block from a train. Could that be the cause? Or perhaps diet? She eats a lot of nuked food. Thanks.

Re:Swimmer's Ear - Timothy Long - []
See the posts above. Yes, eating "nuked food" can lead to a lot of problems.

Re:Swimmer's Ear - Dede - Lindsay, Ontario Canada []
My husband has been diagnoised with this problem several times, we are tired of the antbiotics and the trips to the hospital. I am looking for some preventative measure to prevent this any suggestions, other than keep it dry, and he doesn't swim in a pool or a lake. love to hheeaarr! from you !