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Tension Headaches

Tension Headaches

Tension Headaches - Debbie - Ontario []
I have been havin a lot of problems with tension headaches. My shoulders, neck and head get really sore. I have tried may medications, but I am having no luck. I also suffer from depression and have been taking Effexor for about 4 months. I am at a point of where I don't know what to do. Also I have been trying massage therapy. Anyone with ideas.

Re:Tension Headaches - Timothy Long - []
Have you tried dealing with the stress and emotional area of your life? Try some meditation. Concentrate on the area. Really feel and get to know this tension. Ask what it is all about. See what comes into your consciousness. Let me know more about your process and I can guide you further. The depression is most likely connected. What are your depressed about? Sounds like you are blocking some things. Maybe there are some changes you need to make and you are fearful of doing so?

Re:Tension Headaches - Raymond -
I wouldn't doubt that headaches are a side effect of effexor. Have you ever read the lists of possible side effects to psychotropic medications? They often include, as side effects, depression, mania, all sorts of insanity. I'm sure many people have been helped, but I believe there are much more natural and holistic solutions that will benefit the person in the long run by far, by very far. I actually worked as a mental health counselor for several years, and saw many people constantly cycling back into depression and med changes, seemingly forever back and forth, and not too many really being healed and getting better. (I left the field and am studying to be a holistic doctor.) Anyway, it's not for everyone, but the people who are willing to really make changes in their lifestyle, diet, attitudes, etc., these people can really find true healing. It is a longer and more demanding process, but much more tenable in the long run. I actually suffered depression and chronic fatigue and overcame it with healing on many levels. My testimonial is on this site. God bless and good luck.

Re:Tension Headaches - Brandie - OK []
I have used a magnetic shower head and it was a godsend!!

Re:Tension Headaches - Lanie - MN []
I have been off and on Effexor for the past year and have had what my doctor calls "tension headaches". I started to think it was the effexor and so I switched to something else. It is not fully out of my system but my head is slowly feeling better.