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Testosterone in Women

Testosterone in women

Testosterone in women - Kate - Auckland
I am 24 years old and for the last three years have suffered from moderate acne. A blood test showed I have higher than normal Testosterone. My doctor is recommending I take a low dose oral contraceptive to correct this but I am reluctant to do this. Are there any natural remedies available to correct hormone imbalances?

Re:Testosterone in women - Timothy Long - []
Yes, work with natural thyroid and possibly natural progesterone. Most likely your thyroid is running low. Blood tests are inaccurate. Check your pulses and temperatures. Read the articles here in the Library. If you would like my help, read about the in-depth Health Consultation at the E-Store. I wish you well.

Re:Testosterone in women - hyland - long beach, CA
Vitex (Chasteberry) herb is supposed to help balance out the hormones.