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Thirst - Helene - Texas []
I am thirsty alot. I do not have diabetes. I am on low carb food diet due to allergies. why is water not doing the trick. what could it be.

Re:Thirst - Timothy Long - []
You likely lack minerals which help hold the water. Use BioNativus Liquid Ionic minerals in your water. Also, You likely lack salt. The best salt is Celtic Salt. It is low in sodium and high in mag and trace minerals. Many people avoid table salt which is smart, and low sodium diets, but we need salt - the right kind. SeaSalt is acceptable, but it is not as whole as Celtic Salt.

Re:Thirst - - []
Thank you. I forgot to mention I was advised to use distilled water because I have kidney stone formation problems. I suppose this will be helpful for that in my distilled water also. The distilled water leaches out my minerals so I need minerals. Thanks.

Re:Thirst - Timothy Long - []
That is correct. Distilled water is okay for short term use, but long term it will leach your minerals and is not a good idea. Replacing minerals or adding minerals with BioNativus Trace Mineral Concentrate is a very good idea.


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