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Thyroid and Progesterone Hormones

Thyroid and Progesterone Hormones

Thyroid and Progesterone Hormones - KK - Brisbane
I have been treated for an underactive thyroid caused by auto-immune disease - Hashimoto. I have had an ultra sound, and it is suggested that I have endometrial hyperplasia, and that I will have to go onto Progesterone long term. I am interested in your natural hormones, and wonder if it would suit me. I am taking 100mcg Thyroxin and 20 mcg Tertroxin each day, as well as anti-depressent medication. I'd be interested in your thoughts

Re:Thyroid and Progesterone Hormones - Timothy Long - []
I would work with a holistic practitioner. There are natural ways to help you balance your hormones, strengthen your thyroid and get off anti-depressants. When you use progesterone, be sure to use the natural progesterone from Kenogen, Dr Peat's Progest E Complex. Also see thyroid supplements.

Re:Thyroid and Progesterone Hormones - Cindy - Northwest Indiana
I have Beta Thalassemia and Hashimodo's Thyroiditis. Extreme fatigue and physical aching getting worse and much more frequent. I take Armour Thyroid and liquid minerals and vitamins. Age 48, struggling to lose about 20 pounds I gained with the onset of the Hashimodo's. Any ideas to stop the pain and lose the weight? (I do not smoke, drink and have never used any form of drugs. Have avoided doctors religiously all my life. Adhere to a strict Atkins diet--less than 10 carbs daily.) WILLING TO TRAVEL WHEREVER YOU ARE TO GET HELP!!! i HAVE TRAVELLED TO HEAR dR. jOEL wALLACH SEVERAL TIMES AND HE HAS HELPED A GOOD DEAL--BUT THE SYMPTOMS ARE INTENSIFYING.


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