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Thyroid or Adrenal Problems

Thyroid or Adrenal problems?

Thyroid or Adrenal problems? - BSH -
Dr. Long I was told that most all people who have Thyroid problems usually have low adrenals do you agree with that.Dr. Shames and his Wife live in Florida and they both think this is highly possible with most people that are Thyroid deficent. Do you know Dr. Shames and his Wife, she has a low Thyroid and also suffers with low adrenal glands. I wanted to know your opinion on this.

Re:Thyroid or Adrenal problems? - Timothy Long - []
No, I do not know Dr Shames and his wife. Yes, the thyroid and adrenals often drag on each other. I usually support both. We use our natural thyroid with great results. It takes the stress off the whole body, including the adrenals. I often support the adrenals with Premier AdrenaVen and Premier Adaptogen-R3, sometimes Thera-Zyme Adr. Pregnenolone helps support both the adrenals and thyroid, so I often suggest that as well. All this with a good diet, lifestyle changes, eliminating stress, and creating joy and the life you really want now, and deepening your spiritual connection will take the stress off you, and therefore all your glands. I find that people need to support themselves nutritionally to resolve adrenal and thyroid problems, though it is almost always necessary to heal emotionally. See

Re:Thyroid or Adrenal problems? - BSH -
Thank you Dr. Long. I appreciate your help and your sincere answers. Dr. Shames is a ND in Florida.

Re:Thyroid or Adrenal problems? - Susan Berkey - Canton, Ohio
I have many symptoms of adrenal insufficiency. My TSH runs in the low 0 range(0.5 0.6)I have a muti-nodular goiter. I am now trying cortef to help my symptons. Please share any information you may have. I am taking 5mg.twice a day and 2 1/2 once or twice a day. I do seem to feel better, but my chest seems to be a little tight. Any suggestions?

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