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Thyroid Problems

Thyroid Problems

Thyroid Problems - Deb -
I had graves disease and had my thyroid almost completely removed.I believe I have 1/4 of a piece left.And that small piece of thyroid is still working, but I have to take a small amount of Armour Thyroid daily.I take 30mg. (1/4 grain )of Armour Thyroid a day. I feel like I am Not on enough Thyroid replacement, because my hands get cold easy and I am overweight, and I was never overweight until I had most of my thyroid removed for the graves disease. But my heartrate is a bit to high I think 88 to 96 beats per minute sometimes when I get really nervous. So my Doctor thinks my thyroid levels are alright but I do not.My Blood levels show all in the normal range on my thyroid blood test.Is there anything I can take to make my Thyroid that I have left work better or make my Armour thyroid work better, without raising my heartrate more, or could I be low in a essential vitamin that Thyroid Medicines effect, that makes my heartrate high? I dislike being overweight so much and I think that is making my heartrate higher too.I am 25 pounds overweight , which I know is not alot but for me is really is. Thank you I do hope someone can help or has a answer as to what I should do that is safe.

Re:Thyroid Problems - Timothy Long - []
Hello Deb, Did you visit my Library on this site? I suggest you go there and do a search for thyroid, and read all the articles that come up. There are a lot of misinformed health professionals on the subject of thyroid. It sounds like you are not getting very informed help. I can't really advise you too much on this discussion board. But there is a lot you can do. You probably do need more thyroid, but you have to address the pulse first. Read the articles and then contact me and I will be glad to help you. Also, see natural thyroid support products, and also Premier ThyroVen.

Re:Thyroid Problems - Samantha - McAuley School, Cantley Doncaster
I think that your doctor should pay more attention to your thyroid as it was removed (most of it) and cleary it does seem to be a problem maybe you have an overactive thyroid, different ways of eating could solve the problem.

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